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Bhabha Pass

Rahul Nath
Early before dawn we start climbing for the Bhaba pass. We have to gain 3000ft in 3 hours. The climb is steep, tiring and also thirsty. We climb for almost 4 hours to finally reach the top of Pin Bhaba Pass. The group hangs out for a short while before we make down quickly. The wind is cold and everyone wants to get to the next campsite before dark. We slide down the snow for a short bit and then walk down for the rest. We have now entered the Pin Valley. The lush grennery of Bhaba Valley has now turned to the cold desert of Spiti. We reach the campsite at Bada Buldar very late as today was our longest journey. Finding a campsite with water source can be difficult in Spiti.
Pin Bhaba Pass is classified as a moderate-difficult trek. Day 5 is a gruelling experience because of the challenges posed during the pass-crossing. It is a strenuous hike up and down two starkly different mountain valleys. It requires high-levels of fitness, endurance and skill to accomplish this task.