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Aghanjar Mahadev

Aghanjar temple is lord shiva temple in Khaniyara region. Located away from the city , behind this temple flows heavy gush of freezing cold water and small pond just makes the place beautiful.
Damini Aggarwal
A hidden beauty of Himachal Pradesh that is 500 years old. The temple is situated inside a cave. It has beautiful surroundings, a river flowing in the back of temple and the view of snow capped mountains. The route till this mountain is peaceful, enjoy the nature on your journey to this temple.History: Once when Arjun, of Mahabarat, was on his way to the Kailash Mountains, Lord Shiva appeared in front of Arjun and blessed him with the Boon of Victory over the Kauravas. At this place Baba Ganga Bharati fired "Akhand Dhuni" (Sacred Fire).