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Gallu Devi Temple

Sayan Mitra
However, us getting lost in the middle acted as a catalyst for my friend who then made significant efforts to rescue us from this uncalled for situation. He made us climb rocks,crawl through bushes, follow pipelines laid on the ground. He definitely had a purpose in mind and much to the surprise of everyone, we actually found ourselves standing in the middle of a proper trail. But unfortunately that road was going towards Triund. So it meant that we had to walk down again to the junction near Gallu Temple and set foot on the actual trail. We lost a lot of time, but it was fun indeed. Also, I had taken a suicidal decision of hiking with slippers. I was literally struggling and was in desperate need of a break!!
Avantika Chaturvedi
Hike to Gallu WaterfallThe most common waterfall in McLeod Ganj is perhaps the Bhagsu Nag Waterfall but I am not going to include it in the list owing to it being almost always overcrowded and polluted. The alternative lies deep in the forests of Dharamkot. It's hardly an hour long hike that will lead you to a beautiful glacial waterfall forming small emerald coloured pools, so clean that I even took a swim in one!To reach Gallu Waterfall, one must first reach the Gallu Cafe or the starting point of the Triund Trek where all the taxis are parked. From here, take the trail going behind Gallu Cafe and in no time you'll reach this magical haven!
Albana Nadeem
On my way back to the town, I found a crazy short path till McLeod Ganj from Gallu Devi temple, and that shortcut was the hidden pathway to heaven because jungle I have seen till date. I was at my natural high and everything was highlighted even the spider's web :D was sparkling like a diamond, Okay, Not a hypothetical situation but few can understand how High works :) moreover when you are amidst this beauty.
Albana Nadeem
The trek started from Dharamkot, one can take a taxi or Tuktuk(Auto Rickshaw) till Gallu Devi Temple or can walk simply, it is just 4 km away from Dhramkot. I took the taxi moreover Rinku Bhaiya dropped me till Gallu Devi Temple via a very rough village road but the path is amazing, it was so beautiful.
Rajat Kumar
So, we all started together and reached Gallu Temple. From Gallu, Akanksha and Akshita left with their friends. I, Gaurav and Akshay started our journey back to Dharamkot. And from Dharamkot, we walked to McLeod Ganj. I was all planned to leave by the night bus but Gaurav was going Chandigarh and Akshay was going Noida and I too had my office in Noida so after thinking on it, I too decided to leave with them.