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Lahesh Cave

Nainshree Goyal
Trek to Lahesh caves began next day. All glaciers, risky with deep crevices. Its better to start trek before the ice melts but also when ice is slightly softer for foot grip.
Aarush Tandon
Heck !! I was going to Lahesh. We crossed a glacier and reached the slippery inclined slope.13th Attempt !!This was going to be my last one I am going back if I don't get it this time.I had two snickers left I gulped them both with my beaten up fingers. I composed myself, set a plan.Slips still came I held on, I climbed it like Batman climbed the pit in Dark Knight Rises, it was death if I fail.( not getting there)The cave was 4/5ths filled with ice. Thoughts came on me that why didn't he take us from the simpler path, there was no ice on this path a trekkable route it was.I don't know how I got to the glacier, it took me about 2 hrs(a path of 1/2 hr). I heard shouts of my name "Aarush Aarush". I responded, another voice came by I couldn't respond, my throat's water was all sucked out I was thirsty for the last four hours.Pallav was angry I didn't get lunch( from his end, understandable who will burn the burner again) and had only 1 l of water(which was the case for all of us) till our way back to Dharamshala.
Pritha Puri
Triund to Lahesh CavesStart your trek during the early hours of the day, preferably by 6am, so even if you have a slow pace you will be able to cover a good distance in a day. You will be crossing the Snowline Glacier on your way up. Your aim is to reach the Lahesh Caves, which are 6km away from Triund. It should take you around 4 hours to cover this distance and reach the campsite before sunset.Walking distance: 6km
Rohan Mathur
Day No: 3 LAHESH CAVES TO INDRAHAR PASS AND BACK TO LAKA GOT (8-9 KMS / 6-7 HOURS): It is steep climb on a rocky route. This will be the hardest day of the trek depending on the weather. We get magnificent views from the Indrahar Pass top (4300 meters). After brief stay at top we climb down and trek back to Laka Got. Day No: 4 LAKA GOT TO MCLEODGANJ (12 KMS / 4 HOURS): We trek back through the same route crossing Triund. The trek down will be a lot faster than the climb. We reach McLeodganj by late afternoon.The trek costs INR 2500/- PER PERSON PER DAY (negotiable for large groups) inclusive of all taxes, all meals, all leisure activities and trekking equipment.Contact on +91-7597780383 or for more details and bookings.
Saurabh Jain
Rocks, rocks and rocks you will barely find a place to walk instead jumping from one to another