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St. John Church

Manmeet x Sandeep
Next on the itinerary was 'The church of St. John in the Wilderness', set amidst deodar trees, built in 1852. It's beautiful stained glass windows and the neo-gothic structure makes it quite unique. It is way more beautiful than in the pictures and I was very happy to visit it. Just need to take permission if clicking pictures inside.
I thought of picking a auto to my next spot but chilly weather beautiful road surrounded by trees & view of Dhauladhar range of Himalaya encouraged me to take a walk to St. John's church, it was just over a Kilometer from main square.
Church of St. Johns in the wildernessSt. John in the Wilderness is an Anglican church dedicated to John the Baptist built in 1852. Set amidst deodar forest, and built in neo-Gothic architecture, the church is known for its Belgian stained-glass windows donated by Lady Elgin (Mary Louisa Lambton), wife of Lord Elgin. (Source - Wikipedia)
Damini Aggarwal
The board outside the church claims that this is one of the oldest Anglican Church in India, built in 1852 and dedicated to John the Baptist. The surrounding Deodar forest and the Belgian stained glass windows add to the architecture of the church. Buried in the graveyard right behind the church are the British Residents. History: in 1905, the bell tower and spire of the church were destroyed due to earthquake, while the structure survived. Ten years later, a new bell was brought from England and installed in the compound of the church.