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Kura Resturant

Our favorite sushi restaurant in New York City is Kura, which is located in the East Village. The storefront is non-descript, without any signs indicating you have reached your destination. As you walk down the street, looking for the correct address, keep your eyes open. The door for Kura is located behind drape that is decorated with an almost complete circle. The unadorned exterior matches the minimalistic interior. Inside, you will encounter an extremely straightforward sushi bar. There are 12 seats at ths sushi bar and a single four-top. Although Kura is very intimate, the atmosphere is unpretentious. The restaurant is tiny, but this lends itself to an incredibly thorough and personalized dining experience. Because of this, we got to chat with Chef Norihiro Ishizuka and his staff throughout the meal. The chef and staff hail from Michigan and we are so thankful that they decided to move and open this restaurant in Manhattan. Chef Ishizuka makes you feel like you are a guest in his home. Kura is all about the sushi. The sushi is extraordinary and the price for the omakase style meal cannot be beat. The meals start at $65 per person! Seriously! Omakase starting at $65 in NYC?! It’s true! What makes this even more insane is that the quality and variety of the fish is exceptional. We’ve been to countless sushi restaurants and Kura offers the best all-around experience for the price. If we get a craving for sushi, this is the only place we want to visit in NYC.