Palak Airon
One of the very famous temple which is located on Anjane hill is the one said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and you have to climb 575 stairs to reach the temple. Climbing with monkeys is the most adventurous part of it, avoid carrying eatable and keep water bottle handy. Each sweaty step is worth climbing as the view above is spectacular, incredible unreal view is no less than a dream world. From the top of the hill one gets to see Hampi and many of the heritage sites. Also do not forget to see a Ram Setu (floating) stone displayed inside the temple.This place also offer the visitors many restaurant with comfy and cozy floor seating with small table and dim lights, after an amazing day this set up was perfect to end the day with. Many different type of cuisines are served, lots of bakeries are there to explore, in short one can find plenty of veg and non veg options as per the choices.