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Sinai Peninsula

Kritika Parwal
F. Ferry your derriere across the Red sea into Sharm El Sheikh: Take a ferry to the other side of the Sinai peninsula. Vanilla speak, Sharm is a snobbier cousin of Hurghada with more upscale people, eateries and hotels.G. Hike up Mount Sinai: Next up, hike your way up Mount Sinai, where the Moses delivered the ten commandments. H. Scuba down the gorgeous Dolphin Reef: Red sea is one of the coolest diving sites in the world and we have been saving our gear for here! If you can spare two days, earn your PADI here at a WW II ship wreak… do it in style!
Karen Lakeman
As is the Bedouin way there were cushions and blankets and tea and the utmost comfort to be had in this deserted remote area. All was quiet apart from the sound of the sea and the soft Arabic chatter of the men as they ate their meal of crabs caught in the cove with tomatoes and onions.