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Iguazu Falls

I did quite a lot of stuff which weren’t exactly cheap. I’ve travelled to the surreal Salar de Uyuni salt flats, mind blowing Iguazu Falls, ancient Machu Picchu, and the expensive Galapagos Islands. I even watched a World Cup match! I mean just take a look at my South America in 3 minutes trip video below, how on earth can this be only US$4.9k?!? 
shobhit choudhary
Here’s one from my recent trip: I was at Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. At that time I was traveling with a newly made friend. In the morning at the breakfast table we decided to leave for Rio de Janerio. Almost certain to catch the first bus to Rio de Janerio we entered Foz do Iguazu, Brazil. Here we came across an Irish guy at the immigration office of Brazil, who was on his way to Florinapolis also called as Floripa. We talked for a while about our travel experiences and continued our journey towards the main bus station. Few minutes later we met a German girl who had just arrived Brazil from Uruguay, when asked about her next destination she said-Floripa. I had never heard the name of this city before up till now but I ended up staying at that piece of heaven on earth for 4 days.I am not arguing that vacationing is bad. Just that there’s a lot difference between traveling and vacation, just like sun and the moon. There must be countless articles specifying the difference between the two. I won’t repeat what few of you might already know or have read.However, I’d mention what I learnt & how living life in a backpack on road can impact one’s life for better : Consumerism vs Essentialism/Minimalism– When you live your life in a backpack you learn to use every resource that you have judiciously unlike vacations where you only consume. Consumerism is a trap which gives false hope of happiness. You learn to save for later when you travel. Living a minimalist life allows you to create room for what’s important. A minimalist life ensures freedom from debt and from rat race. And whats better, the less things you have the less mental space they occupy which means more time for things you are passionate about. I don’t buy liabilities and distractions. Living a minimalist life allows me to scrutinize my time appropriately . I have more than enough time everyday for my business, family, gym, reading and writing. Living on road teaches you a lot about humanity. You get to learn that there is more, good in the world than bad. Sometimes people went out of their way to help me. And I learnt the basis of humanity is helping each other out. A policeman in Rio went out of his way by taking me to the hospital and helped me with everything (language barrier) when he saw me arguing at a drugstore in the middle of night at 12am for an antibiotic. The employees at drugstore weren’t willing to give me antibiotic without prescription. I got my prescription over WhatsApp from my doctor friend in India. And I was just trying my luck by arguing over and over :D
The Best of Brazil tour whisks you away on a non-stop adventure through some of Brazil’s many highlights – from Iguazú Falls to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and Morro de Sao Paulo. Beginning with the Iguazú Falls you'll continue on to Rio de Janeiro where you’ll spend a few days enjoying the beaches and seeing all the highlights. After Rio you'll fly north into Salvador de Bahia, the erstwhile capital of Brazil from where you will head on towards your last destination - Morro de Sao Paulo. During this incredible Brazil tour you'll have the chance to relax on tropical beaches, see a vast array of wildlife and nature, and sip caipirinhas in Rio de Janeiro.The tour spans a total of 11 days. The first day is the day of arrival at the Iguazú Falls and will be for rest and relaxation, allowing you to recuperate before the tour takes off. The tour package does not include international or domestic flights. Hotel accommodation at all the destinations along with breakfasts are included in the package, as are transfers to and from the airport, as well as the tours inside the cities. Many additional activities can be added and our travel specialists are always there to suggest amazing excursions on your free days!
S D Hollick
We had purchased a flight package from Buquebus Turisimo that included 4 nights hotel with air from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu. Buquebus is an Argentine-Uruguayan company that operates ferry services from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay, and also offers tours and packages. http://www.buquebusturismo.com/buque-site/siteTurismoHome.do?method=siteTurismo Puerto Iguazu, a city of 80,000, sits at the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, and it is not far from here where the calm Iguazu River diffuses into a wild frenzy 18 kilometres away at Iguazu Falls. If you do only one thing in Argentina, you must go to Iguazu Falls. You will quickly realize that it was well worth the price to see the world's most awesome waterfalls. As we were walking towards the waterfalls, we couldn't help but notice a sharply broken wooden catwalk with a sign that said, "Catwalk destroyed by flood 1992".
S D Hollick