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Banjhakri Water Falls

Banjhakri falls is a remarkable touristy spot in Sikkim. There is very popular story behind this spot and its name. The word "Banjhakri" means woodland shaman, now if we separate it further "Boycott" implies primitive and "Jhakri" implies shaman. Shaman is a priest among specific people of northern Asia, viewed as one with recuperating and supernatural forces who can impact the spirits and achieve good and evil. Furthermore, it is these Shamanistic practices that are delineated by means of the dolls in this amusement park. Some of these portray customs, some recuperating ceremonies and others the start process in the life of a shaman. All these are entirely fascinating as is the waterfall that thunders down from a height of say 70 feet. Few facilities have been built for the visitors to go closer to the waterfall and take a shower.This a ideal place for kids to enjoy and is also best for family hangouts.
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Banjhakri waterfalls is on the way to Ranka monastery and has been developed by Sikkim Tourism as a recreational centre. Apart from the 100 feet waterfall, the surrounding area is developed with gardens, several recreational activities, refreshment stalls and statues of prominent Sikkimese tribes and is known as energy park. Banjhakri is composed of 2 words – ‘Ban’ which means forest or jungle and ‘Jhakri’ which means traditional healer. Banjhakris, according to Sikkimese ancient folktales were a community of spiritual healers (also called ‘Shamans’) who were believed to possess supernatural powers to drive away evil forces.
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Banjhakri Falls: Located at a distance of 10 km from the main city of Gangtok, Banjhakri Falls is a massive waterfall that derives its name from the Nepali folklore that describes ‘Ban Jhakri’ as the ‘Forest Priest’ who excelled in mastering the evil spirits. But in order to teach young boys this secret, he resided in this forest and made them practise the skills. 100-foot long, Banjhakri Falls is spread across hundreds of acres of land. There are plenty of food joints and they serve paranthas, Thukpa, noodles and pakodas. One can have a nice and sumptuous breakfast here, albeit, the service is a little laid back. Bathing in the waterfall is not allowed but one can get as close as possible and get pictures clicked.
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Banjakhari WaterfallYou can go for paragliding t at this place.There was a big water fall, beautiful statues which depicts the old culture of Sikkim.
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Next stop was Banjhakri Falls and park. Its a little detour from the Gangtok main road. This park is purely dedicated to conservation of energy and nature. A micro hydel plant is set up here and lots of solar panels are here exemplifying the energy conservation.
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5. Ban Jhakri Waterfalls:The falls are around 5kms away from Gangtok. It is known for sculptures of the Jhakri tribe and the scenic waterfall. There is a manmade lake with a dragon in the center.