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Banjhakri Water Falls

Banjhakri falls is a remarkable touristy spot in Sikkim. There is very popular story behind this spot and its name. The word "Banjhakri" means woodland shaman, now if we separate it further "Boycott" implies primitive and "Jhakri" implies shaman. Shaman is a priest among specific people of northern Asia, viewed as one with recuperating and supernatural forces who can impact the spirits and achieve good and evil. Furthermore, it is these Shamanistic practices that are delineated by means of the dolls in this amusement park. Some of these portray customs, some recuperating ceremonies and others the start process in the life of a shaman. All these are entirely fascinating as is the waterfall that thunders down from a height of say 70 feet. Few facilities have been built for the visitors to go closer to the waterfall and take a shower.This a ideal place for kids to enjoy and is also best for family hangouts.
Niyati Mavinkurve
5. Ban Jhakri Waterfalls:The falls are around 5kms away from Gangtok. It is known for sculptures of the Jhakri tribe and the scenic waterfall. There is a manmade lake with a dragon in the center.
Dheeraj Kumar
Post breakfast we proceed towards it . It is one of the biggest park and has a beautiful waterfall in it.Entry Fee 50/- per person
Chetali Dh
BAN JHAKRI FALLSIt’s a park with Waterfall its centre of attraction; adventure activity like Zip-Line can be experienced here.NEHRU BOTANICAL GARDENIt’s a nice garden with Big Greenhouse of Exotic Flowers.
Alisha Raut-pimple
Surrounded by beautiful gardens , it is a picnic spot where you will go crazy clicking pictures and admiring the beauty of the waterfall.Paragliding over Gangtok cityIf you are an adrenaline junkie like me , it is an experience of the lifetime . It will cost you 2500 rs and 500 extra for videoDo Drul ChortenIt is the popular Stupa built by Rinpoche , a Tibetan Buddhist , it is surrounded by 108 prayer wheels . Road trip from Gangtok to Nathula passDay 3The route from Gangtok to Nathula pass is awesome but if you get car sick easily then don’t forget to take a tablet prior.Changu Lake ( Tsomgo Lake)
Radhika Murthy
We rounded up day 4, and our trip to Sikkim with a visit to Banjhakri Falls near Gangtok. These falls and beautiful and serene, with places to sit and eat near the falls and wind down after a day of sightseeing. (Though I would recommend you get your own food.)