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Calangute Beach

Known as the 'Queen of Beaches', this is regarded as the most popular tourist destination of Goa. The beach is located at about 15 kilometres from the capital city of Panjim and is in the northern part of Goa. There are also a number of very good holiday resorts out here and this makes the place even more popular. Besides, the Calangute Beach has to offer to its guests and visitors the golden sands, opportunities for water sports, awesome Goan cuisine and some lovely views too. The beach is steep and is thus not very apt for swimming but it can be done still if you do not go far off.
Amol Sonawane
Day 3 - Calangute Beach | Baga Beach | Anjuna Beach
Pallavi pandey
Calangute and Baga Beach are amongst the popular beaches in Goa. On the shores of the Arabian Sea, under the shade of palm trees, bathes the Queen of Beaches-Calangute. In a green semi-circle, the villages of Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao and Candolim do their bit to enhance the divine beauty of Calangute. There are picturesque agors (saltpans) at Agarvaddo, Maddavaddo is full of madd (coconut trees), Dongorpur skirts a bottle-green hillock and Tivaivaddo laces the beach. In Gauravaddo lived the gaudds or milkmen ran dairies. The Calangute Beach has a massive stretch of 7 km.We did our water sports in Calangute beach, and we were enjoying that view so much that just forget to leave from there😂😂.And because of that we ended up that day at Calangute beach.After coming back to hotel we decided to go for some shack 😋😋😎😎and after surfing the web we get to know about Curlies beach Shack, Anjuna.
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
5. Calangute Beach. Another very popular beach in North Goa, Calangute is also the largest beach in North Goa. Like the Baga beach, water sports are also available here.
Sumesh Mohan
Calangaute beach
Raji Amarnath
Visit a beach in the evening and chill with a mug of beer, while watching the sunset.
shefali singh
Calangute: Largest beach in north Goa alias “Queens of beaches”, will never ditch you in welcoming with its entrancing environ, just like a Liverpool of the northern coastline.
We freshen up, took some rest and left for the Calangute beach. The street market was just opening. We were very hungry, so had our breakfast in a roadside cafe. The food was awful. We decided to eat something near the beach, but while reaching there we forgot about food. The sea was so beautiful. Deep blue sea and white sand, perfect combination. It was off season, so not much crowd. We were interested in water sports, so started asking about packages. Initially they demanded high prices for everything, but after bargaining they agreed for Jet Ski and Parasailing for 1500 bucks per person. We left our valuables in the locker of a shack. We did the Jet Skiing first. It was for a very short period, it ended even before We can start enjoying. We went for parasailing next. They made groups of ten and took us to the deep sea by a boat. They had a different boat for parasailing, standing there. We boarded that boat and settled down. One by one we did parasailing. It was a once in a life time experience.Once you are up in the air, they let you stay there for couple of minutes, those minutes can change your life. In those minutes I understood how big and mesmerizing our mother earth is and how small we are. I could see the blue sea beneath me, numerous tiny boats, white beaches and green mountains in the distance. It was so peaceful up there. I had no intension to come down, but they only allow to stay in the air for 4-5 minutes.The return journey took long time as the boats were not ready. You have to spent around one hour in the sea, so avoid parasailing if you have sea sickness. We returned to the shack and ordered lunch. They were offering various types of sea foods and we were four hungry Bengalis, so you understand, we ordered plenty of fishes. We found some people roaming around with ink and tattoo sample in their hand. One of them approached us and we made temporary tattoos. If you want to have permanent tattoo, there are plenty of shops in Goa but for temporary tattoos you can rely on the beach vendors. They will ask big initially but you can manage to get it done in reasonable price after some bargaining. The food came on time. I tried shark and squid for the first time there. All the dishes were delicies, we enjoyed the food and ambience a lot. Drinks and hookah were also available, you can enjoy those too, if you want.We didn't have two-wheeler license, so couldn't take scooty, and had to rely on taxies. I strongly advice to take a scooty or bike on rent because taxies are very expensive there and you can enjoy Goa better if you have your own vehicle.We were trying to find a taxi to return to our hotel from the beach. All were asking huge money so decided to walk a little and then take a taxi. Suddenly we saw a small shop of a tour planner. We were interested to go for the Dudhsagar trip, so got in to ask about packages. They had packages in decent prices and the manager was very good and friendly (I couldn't recall the name of the shop but this is the only tour operator shop near the Calangute beach so it wouldn't be hard to find if you want so. It is in the left side on the way to the beach from Calangute market). We booked the half day Dudhsagar tour, including lunch for Rs. 1500, for the next day. We didn't have enough money with us for advance but still the manager took our booking. While leaving hotel our plan was to have only breakfast, spend some time in the beach and come back, instead we did Parasailing, had temporary tattoos, ate plenty of sea foods and booked Dudhsagar tour. It was Goa, nothing happens in Goa as planned.
Geetanjali Mukherjee
There is a lot to do and enjoy during Monsoon in Goa!!Yes with an option of cheap air tickets and hotel rooms you can save your pockets and have fun in Goa.So it all started with the random plan of mine during a long weekend. With couple of days in hand I planned this holiday. We stayed near Baga Beach where we reached at Sunset. We admired the beauty of nature and after spending time over there we moved along the beach line and reached to Calaungute Beach.There was so much to do at this wonderful place. There were many beach side restaurants where you can get Seafood along with the choice of drinks. I don't drink so I preferred a Seafood platter with lime soda.What evening it was!!!Truly by having warm Seafood platter, sitting on the beach and admiring beautiful sunset.
14. Calangute BeachA commercialized yet beautiful beach of North Goa. Like Baga, it is also famous for water sports, parties, discos and fun.
Piyush Singh
Since our hotel 'Casa Bribone' was situated just next to Calangute beach, we started with it's exploration on Day 1. We just sat down had a few pints and took in the mystic view of the waves hitting the shores. The rain that came and went during this made the scenario even more beautiful and mesmerizing.
Ritusree exploring
Next, we went to my favourite beach, Calangute Beach and the breeze through my hairs as usual always made me feel, if love exists, it does here. You cannot resist but fall in love with this place. And if you are lucky, like the way I was on that day, I got to visit the saturday market where you get various hippie sorta clothes at pocket friendly prices.
Ritusree exploring
Next was our lunch at a local restaurant at panjim itself and if you love pork, do try Pork vindaloo at any one of these local restaurants. I am not into pork thus had chicken vindaloo which was delicious but the locals claim not as delicious as the pork version would have been. 
Megha Sharma
It was holi morning and we all were excited for the Holi. We had two options for Holi. Either Arambol Beach or Calangute Beach but keeping in mind the level of traffic, we decided to go to Calangute. On our way we saw people celebrating holi with all the stuffs they could play with(Daaru,Weed etc etc). We reached calangute and played holi with water, colours and beer ofcourse(good for hair you see :D). Me and my friend again went towards the waves and played with them. We were head to toe wet with saline water. We were hell tired after playing holi, had our lunch at the shacks and took rest on the couches.
Satarupa Bose
Day 4. Nothing but music for the entire day in the cafe. And with another group of new friends we went to see the sunset on a quiant little beach in front of Zostel.
Satarupa Bose
Goa. First Day. Overnight journey. Arrival at Goa at 6:15 in morning. I waited for almost an hour and then rented a scooty for myself. Mind you my first day on any kind of bike. After roaming around for 2 hours, I checked in to the place I was staying- Zostel. After 30 minutes of doing nothing, I took my scooty to go for lunch. Had myself a plate of beef which was amazinggg in one of those pretty shacks in Calangute beach. Then on a whim I went for parasailing and in the course of that sea journey managed to drop my phone in the middle of the sea. Pretty start of trip. The evening got me introduced to people who now are friends for life. Listening to music sitting in the cafe in Zostel. The day ended but the journey has just began.
Hardik Nagda
After the cruise party we left for hotel and everyone slept. Me and a photographer friend sneaked out to explore the city. We decided to go to Calangute Beach and trust me it you are with your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband a candlelight date is a must at Calangute beach. Unfortunately i was with a friend so we instead opted to photograph the beach :P
Sandeep Gupta
It started with beach hopping. I rented an activa for just 300/- per day. (Best mode of transport in Goa). One full tank was enough for 3 days of non stop travel withing Goa. After breakfast, first stop was Baga beach, after exploring the beach I went to Calangute Beach. Calangute Beach is too touristy and crowded. Its good for water sports activity and the food served in the shacks along the beach is just awesome. Get yourself a beer and see the waves and feel the breeze. I also ride around and saw some beautiful houses, and tiny winding roads, the day also comprised of some window street shopping and getting to know the place closely. Driving and riding in Goa is very easy, thanks to google maps for guiding each way. While coming back to the hostel I visited this place called the Purple Martini at the sunset point in Anjuna. What a place this is. You can view the endless ocean and a beautiful sunset from the cliff. They have a beautiful interiors and a very decent menu which is super cheap. You can also select your fish and order it to cook. Here is the pic of the sunset from that place. It was a long day and I went back to my hostel to get some rest and be ready for the party at the most happening place. Its called Club Cabana . This place is magical and the music makes you high. 1000/- entry charge and then drinks are an the house. Decent deal. Day 2 ends with beach hopping and clubbing.
Aswathy Nair
Goa and Kerala are similar in many ways...We felt like we are travelling in some place in Kerala itself..We stepped down at Panjim nd get inside the bus to Calangute..Its around 10 kms. We get down at calangute and from there we walked to our hotel-Mary Joey Villa. That walk was sooo amazing..Walking through the streetside with GPS on and looking at the map Mary Joey Villa..observing the goan architecture, observing the people...We felt sooo good...On the way, we had breakfast from one small restaurant...
Dipti Goyal
Day 1: We checked in the hotel at 3 PM. Took some rest. Had our lunch. Then we hired a bike for local sightseeing at 250 INR per day. On our first day i.e. 1st December, we spent most our time on Calangute Beach, Restaurants nearby.
Avik chatterjee
North Goa is hub of tourist attraction due to various water sports and night life. Like all other tourists, I too put up in a hotel near Calangute Beach, though I had an urge to visit the less popular but more attractive South Goa Beaches.I have often heard people suggesting to go to North Goa since there are lot of fun activities, crowd and beaches in a row. Yet, I did an extensive search to look for some of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. To my surprise, I found some of the most serene and beautiful beaches are in South Goa. Could find that there were around 33 beaches.Beach Circuit would include the below beaches categorized into North and South Goa.North Goa: Coco Beach Sinquerim Beach Candolim Beach Calangute Beach Baga Beach Anjuna Beach Vagator Beach Morgim Beach Mandrem Beach Ashwem Beach Arambol Beach Kerri BeachSouth Goa:
Then we went to Canlangute beach one of the most crowded beach of Goa lots of streets shops around, but the beach as such is not the best of all. There are neither swaying palms nor are there any traditional boats lying there to add variety, but still it’s one of the most crowded beaches of Goa. We did little bit of street shopping, spent some at the beach and headed to Vagator beach.
vishnu nair
Without wasting much time, with our glasses on, we hit to Calangute Beach, One of the most happening beach in Goa. Nobody should get surprised if they don't get vehicle to park or to land their feet on the ground near the beach during weekend afternoon. It is like a mini kumbh mela. When you see the waves hitting the shores and the cool breeze constantly kissing your face, you would realise all the odd things you faced from the start till now was worth it for this moment.
Suheil Patel
Next on the itinerary was the famous Souza Lobo at Calangute beach, 6.7kms away from our hotel. Opened since 1932, this seaside sea-food specialty place has sumptuous supply of sizzling, scrumptious, succulent Goan-style cooking. A must when you are on this side of Goa.
Shraddha Lama
Then I took a gentle walk in the Beach till I did not realize I had now reached the Calangute Beach. I remember the auto guy in the morning who left us till the hotel had told me there would be some Saturday market at Arpora and the crowd would come there and i could get to shop some fancy Goanese, Non-Goanese, junk stuff from there, so it was a must visit.Indeed, the market was one happening place that night with some cool band playing, and what more could you ask for especially when you are on a vacation! Live Music, Good Food, Cool People, Street Shopping!!! :)That was my first day ended quite well.. :)The morning was beautiful. This hotel that I was cribbing about yesterday suddenly turned to be one of my favorite places to stay in Goa since it was a Serene, Quiet, Peaceful, Sunny morning and I think that is why I was here, to experience all of this. Far from my daily hustle, finally I was here.Goa is one place that will give you the best experience of both Beach and Hills. It's Blue and Green both.The crowd is one you will never find anywhere in India. The culture too. It's one place which i could never imagine exist in a country like ours.
Tanvi S
We were a group of 8 people so we booked an apartment with Goa clarks which we found them through Google ( The place is amazing. Our flat was 3bhk and very very very spacious. Very close to Calangute Beach (2-3mins by a walk!) and a min away from main Calangute Market Road.We would party all night long, come back to apartment, use the swimming pool and sleep till midnoon. We would make our breakfast in our apartment kitchen (yes, we bought basic breakfast necessity from local supermarket which was right outside our apartment building!). We would then have our lunch at fancy local restaurant and then go out for sightseeing (forts and beaches!) only after 4pm as the sun was too bright and direct to do anything in mid afternoon!The evening it would get little pleasant and night little cold. Just perfect! January and February is the best season to visit Goa. Little less crowd (exam time in most schools in India so less indian families visiting, yay!), many firangs and pleasant climate!