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Arambol Beach

📍 Arambol Beach, GoaView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:November to February

⏰ Open Hours:Open 24 hours

🏄‍♂️ Things To Do:Swimming, Surfing, Yoga, Paragliding, Shopping at Night Market

💰 Budget:Free entry, Water sports range from INR 300-1500

🧳 Traveller Types:Solo travellers, Families, Couples, Adventure enthusiasts

🔍 Known For:Pristine beach, Hippie culture, Freshwater lake, Paliem Sweet Water Lake, Street performances, Drum circles

📍 Distances:Dabolim Airport-36.6 km, Pernem Railway Station-16.8 km, Panjim-35 km

🍴 Food & Drink:Seafood, Local Goan cuisine, International cuisines at beach shacks

🛍️ Shopping:Night market with clothing, jewellery, handicrafts

🏨 Accommodation:Beach huts, Guest houses, Resorts available for all budgets

👒 Tip:Carry sunscreen and a hat to protect against the sun, Keep the beach clean

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Arambol Beach: Last Beach of North Goa

Arambol Beach, the last beach in North Goa, is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unexploited beaches in Goa, surrounded by cliffs, expansive sand and is less crowded than most other beaches in Goa.

Unique among Goan beaches, Arambol has a freshwater lake, the Paliem lake that merges with the sea, offering a tranquil spot for relaxation. Its is also a hotspot for aerial sports and witnesses regular live music gigs and sunset parties on the beach. The hippie vibe of Arambol beach is most visible through the beach lined up vibrant market.

Best Things To Do At Arambol Beach

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Explore freshwater Paliem Lake: A sweet water lake at one end of the beach that is surrounded by hills and a banyan tree where The Beatles once meditated. The lake is also known as the "Money Stone Lake" because of a legend that says that there is a money stone hidden at the bottom of the lake.

Trek through Arambol Mountain: A hill that offers a stunning view of the sunset and the shoreline. It is also the starting point for paragliding and kite surfing activities that will give you an adrenaline rush. You can fly from the Arambol Mountain and have a bird's eye view of the beach, the sea, and the interiors.

Meditate by The Bamboo Tree: This iconic banyan tree in Arambol, also known as ‘The Source’, is famous for being a communal space where visitors connect over yoga, meditation, and dance. Travelers can enjoy a serene yoga session by the Bamboo Tree.

Shop at Beach-side Flea Market: A market that sells various items from musical instruments to jewellery, mostly by foreign sellers. The market is open every evening during the peak season and is a great place to shop for souvenirs, gifts, or unique items.

Experience the bohemian vibe at Arambol Festivals: Arambol Beach hosts several festivals throughout the year that showcase the culture and talent of Arambol. Some of the popular festivals are Arambol Festival or Freak Festival in February, Arambol World Music Festival in January, and The Tantra Festival in January.

Complete guide on Arambol Beach Goa

Water Sports at Arambol Beach

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The average cost of water sports at Arambol Beach is around ₹1499.00.

Scuba Diving: Dive into the clear waters of Arambol Beach and explore the vibrant marine life. Scuba diving here offers a chance to witness the underwater world with proper guidance and safety measures. The cost for scuba diving starts at approximately ₹1,499.

Kayaking: Glide over the serene waters of Arambol Beach with a kayaking adventure. It’s a peaceful experience that allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty at your own pace. The cost for kayaking is around ₹700.

Parasailing: Soar high above the Arabian Sea and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the coastline. Parasailing at Arambol Beach is a thrilling activity that combines excitement with breathtaking views. The cost for parasailing is about ₹800.

Jet Ski Ride: Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed through the waves on a jet ski. It’s a fast-paced activity that’s sure to give you an exhilarating experience. The cost for a jet ski ride starts at ₹399 for a short round.

Bumper Ride: Hold on tight for a bumpy and fun-filled ride on the water. Bumper rides are great for groups looking for a shared thrill. The cost for a bumper ride is approximately ₹250 per person.

Banana Ride: Enjoy a fun and bouncy ride on a banana-shaped boat, perfect for families and friends. The banana ride can be a hilarious challenge to stay on board without falling into the water. The cost starts at around ₹349 per person.

Speed Boat: Experience the speed and spray of the sea with a speed boat ride. It’s a fast and furious way to explore the coastline and feel the wind in your hair. The cost for a speed boat experience can vary, but it generally starts from around ₹1,250.

Budget Friendly Accomodation near Arambol Beach

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Types of accomodation you can opt for -

• Beach Huts: If you want to stay close to the sea and experience the rustic charm of Arambol Beach, then beach huts are the best option for you. Beach huts are wooden or bamboo huts with basic amenities such as beds, fans, mosquito nets, and attached bathrooms. Some of the popular beach huts at Arambol Beach are 21 Coconuts Inn, Shiva Garden, and Cactus Guest House.

• Cottages: If you want to enjoy more comfort and privacy, then cottages are a good option for you. Cottages are cosy and spacious rooms with balconies or verandas that overlook the beach or the garden. Some of the best cottages at Arambol Beach are Rudra Holidays, Om Ganesh Naik’s Holiday Home, and Arambol Plaza Beach Resort.

• Home Stays: If you want to experience the local hospitality and culture of Arambol Beach, then homestays are a great option for you. Homestays are rooms or apartments rented out by local families or hosts living on the premises. Some of the cozy homestays at Arambol Beach are Happy Panda Hostel, Arambol Harmony Guest House, and Maitree.

• Guest Houses: If you want to choose from a range of budget-friendly options, then guest houses are a good option for you. Guest houses are small hotels or lodges that offer decent facilities and services at reasonable prices. Some of the affordable guest houses at Arambol Beach are Swati Guest House, JBL Guest House, and Dream Catcher Resort.

• Villas: If you want to indulge in luxury and spaciousness, then villas are the perfect option for you. Villas are large, lavish houses with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Some of the luxurious villas at Arambol Beach are Villa River Cat, Villa Jardim, and Villa Blue Lagoon.

If you have time in hand, plan these weekend getaways near Arambol for a perfect weekend

Our recommendation for accommodation near Arambol Beach

Basho Beach Huts: It is a serene retreat offering a combination of beach huts and a café near the beach. The restaurant boasts a sea view and serves a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Continental, Israeli, Chinese, and Italian.

Samantha Inn Beach Resort: Located just a 2-minute walk from Arambol beach, providing great convenience for beachgoers. This beach resort accommodations with garden views, an open-air bath, and an outdoor fireplace.

Mariners Bay Beach Resort Arambol: This beach resort in Goa boasts a sun terrace and offers activities such as windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling. Provideing air-conditioned rooms with amenities like a minibar and a private balcony, some with sea views, it is a perfect spot for a relaxing weekend.

Casa Obrigado Beach Cottages and Spa Arambol: Ideal for honeymooners or those seeking tranquility, with private balconies and sit-outs viewing the beach. These luxurious wooden Swiss cottages are nestled in palm groves, offering pool views and proximity to the beach.

Palmco Beach Huts: Offering free Wi-Fi and a bar, with each unit featuring a balcony with garden views. The in-house restaurant serves multi-cuisine dishes, and the property is praised for its proximity to the beach, making it family-friendly.

Hotels and resorts in Arambol for a perfect stay

Nightlife at Arambol Beach

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• Fireworks and Fireshows: One of the most spectacular and mesmerizing things that you can witness at Arambol Beach at night is the fireworks and fire-shows that are organized by the shacks every night. You can also watch the fire shows where performers juggle, spin, or dance with fire.

• Drum Circle: Another thing that you can enjoy at Arambol Beach at night is the drum circle that takes place every evening during the peak season. The drum circle is a sunset phenomenon where foreigners play Jimba, a musical instrument made from goat skin stretched over a wooden frame. The drum circle creates a lively beach atmosphere where people gather to listen to music, dance, sing, or just enjoy the vibe.

Beach Shack Parties: One of the best places to hang out at Arambol Beach at night is the shacks that line up along the shore. A popular shack Laughing Buddha offers delicious food, refreshing drinks, live music, and a cosy ambience. Another cozy shack Pajis offer mouth-watering food, chilled drinks, and a relaxing atmosphere. Pajis serves authentic Goan food such as fish curry, prawn masala, chicken xacuti, and more.

Grooving at nightclubs and pubs: If you want to experience the vibrant nightlife of Goa at Arambol Beach, then you can head to some of the clubs and pubs that are located near Arambol Beach. Some of the popular clubs and pubs near Arambol Beach are Club 9 Bar, Curlies, Shiva Valley, and Nyex Beach Club.

Places to Visit near Arambol Beach

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Mandrem Beach: Approximately 3.1 kilometers away, it’s a short drive or a pleasant walk along the coast from Arambol Beach. The beach is adorned with swaying palm trees and is home to a small fishing village, adding to its picturesque setting.

Ashvem Beach: Ashvem Beach is celebrated for its clean, sandy shores and calm ambiance. It’s less crowded than other North Goa beaches and is also known for its hill that extends almost to the coast, providing a unique landscape for visitors to enjoy. Around 6.9 kilometers from Arambol Beach, Ashvem is accessible by a quick car ride or a longer walk.

Fort Aguada: A 17th-century Portuguese fort with a lighthouse and a stunning view of the sea. . You can also visit the nearby Aguada Jail and the Aguada Church, that are part of the fort complex. Fort Aguada is about 25 km from Arambol Beach and can be reached by road in about 40 minutes.

Baga Beach: Baga Beach is one of the most happening beaches in Goa that offers a variety of activities and attractions for all kinds of travellers. You can enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat ride, parasailing, and also experience the vibrant nightlife of Goa at the famous clubs and pubs, such as Tito’s, Mambos, and Britto’s, that are located near Baga Beach.

Candolim Beach: Candolim Beach is one of the quieter and cleaner beaches in Goa that offers visitors a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. You can also visit the nearby Candolim Church, which is a beautiful example of Portuguese architecture. Candolim Beach is also famous for hosting the Sunburn Festival, one of Asia's biggest electronic dance music festivals that takes place every year in December.

Vagator Beach: Vagator Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Goa that offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding landscape. Vagator Beach is also known for hosting Hilltop Festival, a psychedelic trance music festival in January every year. You can admire the beauty of nature at Vagator Beach or explore nearby attractions such as Chapora Fort, Anjuna Flea Market, or Ozran Beach.

History of Arambol Beach

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• Arambol Beach's history traces back to the 1960s and 1970s when it became a haven for hippies seeking an alternative lifestyle away from mainstream society. Hippies settled in beach huts and cottages, fostering a community based on love, peace, harmony, and creativity at Arambol Beach.

• They introduced music, art, spirituality, yoga, meditation, drumming, and dancing, shaping the cultural essence of Arambol that persists today. Festivals and events organized by hippies celebrated their culture and values, leaving a lasting impact on the beach's atmosphere.

• Despite the decline of the hippie movement, Arambol Beach maintains its Bohemian charm, attracting artists, musicians, healers, and travelers seeking Goa's authentic spirit. The beach remains a melting pot where individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to share stories, ideas, and passions in a laid-back and inclusive environment.

How to Reach Arambol Beach

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By Train:

Nearest station: Vasco Da Gama, 60 km away.

Trains: Konkan Kanya Express, Goa Express, Mangalore Express, etc.

Travel to Arambol: Cab or scooty, about 1 hour.

• By Air:

Nearest airport: Goa International Airport, Vasco Da Gama, 60 km away.

Airlines: Indigo, SpiceJet, Air India, Qatar Airways, etc.

Travel to Arambol: Cab or scooter, about 1 hour.

• By Road

Buses: Panjim to Mapusa, then Mapusa to Arambol.

Bus fare: Around INR 50 per person.

Travel time: About 1 hour.

Other options: Cab (INR 1000) or scooter rental (INR 300 per day), about 40 minutes.

Arambol Beach Reviews

This trip wasn’t massively planned but wasn’t completely spontaneous either, so we had some points of interest but were open for any new adventures or tweaking our trip into a totally distinct way further. We first went to the vast, neat and gorgeous Arambol Beach, this place has plenty to offer everyone, a relatively even seashore with clean waters good enough for a swim, a picturesque beach with some rock structures at a far end, beach shacks, huts, a bustling street market, some wonderful restaurants to suffice your food cravings and myriad of other stuff to please a soul. Still just a stroll over the beach felt fabulous with the sea breeze running through the hair and enjoying the pristine white sands was a great way to enjoy the day.
.... to Arambol Beach, which was hardly 15- 20 minutes from Ashwem beach. This one was definitely the crowded one in the North Goa beaches. This one has many water sports and activities that one can do here. It also showcases an amazing sunset if you are up for it. Just relax on this one till the sun goes down . Many beach shacks here offer the beach chairs for rent . The best option would be to order drinks or food for yourself on any of the shacks that appeal to you. This will help their business as well as you getting a hint of luxury on the beach of a beach chair.Arambol Beach, North GoaHey ! A starfish .... so cute. Arambol Beach
DAY 3: ARAMBOL BEACH My last day at goa :( Located at the most northern side of Goa, Arambol beach was our next destination and also happened to be the last, at Goa. But another crazy incident occurred while on our way to Arambol , the GPS system, inspite of being a such useful technology, guided us to completely different location instead of Arambol. We ended up getting lost for a long time :(
This unique beach is the rocky as well as a sandy beach. There is also a freshwater lagoon, extending right up to the sulfurous mud and hot springs. Russians and hipsters trope can be seen here smearing the mud, which has certain curative properties. Arambol is a perfect picture of a Goan traditional village, with lots of palm trees and fishing boats.
I was still feeling a bit restless as was not getting cycle on rent. I shifted to new place in Ashvem Beach, Hotel Wellness Inn. A good decent resort focusing on wellness, yoga, meditation. Got a bike and was not on rent I feel that I am blessed just by asking the hotel owner offered me his bike.
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