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Grand Canyon National Park

Offbeat Voyagers
The relation between time and distance was slowly getting inverted which was not the best thing to happen at that instance but we didn't possess the strength to do anything about it. We accepted the fact that it was going to be hard and that we had to persevere to get to the top before the end of the day. After innumerable minutes of pain we finally made it to the top at 3 PM with a sigh of relief. As soon as we got to the bus stand at the trailhead we got the bus which took 15 mins to get us back to the visitor center parking lot where we rushed to the restroom to clean ourselves up. The moment the first drop of cold water hit our face we felt alive again and gradually cooled down now that the whole episode of pain had come to an end.
Offbeat Voyagers
After breathing in the majestic views of the canyon, we headed further towards the trailhead and realized that vehicles were not allowed there and that we had to park the car in the parking lot and take the bus there. We parked the car, filled our bags with a bottle of Powerade, some energy bars and 1.5 gallons of water and went to the bus stand. On inquiring around, we understood that we had to take blue route bus in order to get to the South Kaibab Trailhead and that is exactly what we did.
Offbeat Voyagers
After we got done with breakfast, we drove towards the Grand Canyon National Park which was about 15 mins away. The entrance to the park costs $35 for a car which is to be paid at the entrance and the receipt for the same has to be displayed in the car as proof. On entering the national park we decided to go to the South Kaibab Trail to hike from the rim to the river. While we were driving to the trailhead we came across Pipe Creek which offers stunning views of the canyon.
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Sunrise and sunset at Grand Canyon: (Long narrative alert) After a day at the Canyon through train wasn't enough, I decided to visit the Grand Canyon again to see it in all its glory from dawn till dusk and then some more. I reached Mather Point at 5.30 am to ensure a front seat to what was going to be a spectacular show and I was not disappointed. What started out as a peck of light on the highest point of the Grand Canyon went on to illuminate the entire region like a giant torch held up to look for a lost penny within the depths and folds of this beauty.
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Apart from the obvious Grand Canyon tour which is a must do (try the ultimate Grand Canyon 4 in 1 helicopter tour) other famous places to visit in Arizona include, El Tavor, a beautiful architectural marvel at the Grand Canyon National Park. The three trinities in Greater Phoenix, The Heard Museum, Desert Botanical Garden and the Musical Instrument Museum. Other major spots include, The Saguaro National Park in Tucson and the marvellous Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Also, do not miss the Pink Jeep Tour, The Desert Botanical Garden and the Navajo National Monument. Another important note, Las Vegas, is not that far away (if you know what I mean).Top 10 Things to do in Arizona 1. A visit to the Presidio Historic District  2. Road Trip to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. 3. Chiricahua National Park 4. Petrified Forest National Park 5. Old Town Scottsdale 6. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam 7. Grand Canyon 8. Arizona Raft Adventure 9. Canyon De Chelly National Park 10. Old Tucson Studios When to visit ArizonaBecause Arizona is a desert state it is very important to plan the trip according to the weather, here are some suggestion: Jan–Mar Visit spas and dude ranches in southern Arizona. Cross-country ski in Kaibab National Forest. Jun–Aug High season for the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Sedona. Sep & Oct Hike down to Phantom Ranch from the Grand Canyon's South Rim.I hope this extensive list of places was good enough to plan an informed trip to a state as big as the hearts of the people there. Arizona is the home of western films and cowboys. Cactuses and deserts are a regular sight in this part of the American Continent. You will be exposed to so much Red Indian culture throughout your stay that you would marvel at the qualities of this hidden gem.Hope you enjoy it!P.S. Remember 127 hours? That reddish and rocky default background picture for Microsoft? And for my fellow Indians Ranbir-Priyanka’s Anjana Anjani road trip? Yes you can do that!