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, on the Arizona and Utah border. You start... “The wave” in Arizona. How cool...

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on a road trip to Arizona, USA..., Arizona is one of the lesser known.... Between New York and California, Arizona... trip, Arizona is the place...

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Top Places To Visit 25 Spots

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon Region is easily the most iconic, the most sublime natural wonder of the world. You must have seen thousands of breath-taking photographs of this two billion old geographical treasure in the United States, yet the real landscape is infinitely prettier in ways impossible to describe. The Colorado River continues to carve this mighty exposed rock formation and travellers continue to be enticed by its majesty. With three incredible rims - The North, South and the West, internet connection in the canyon is sporadic and you should therefore not pack your laptop for a change.
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Shiva Temple

Atop the hill, there was a small courtyard sort of an area, which was surrounded by walls. And just beyond the walls, lay a whole stretch of green valleys and mountains…. There was a small Shiva temple on the extreme top of the hill.
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