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Yangshuo Bus Terminal

I took her advice, she handed me a small piece of paper with 6 or 7 lines of instruction on it which I had to show to people at each step.Armed with a paper and just 'ni hao' in my Chinese vocabulary, I headed to the bus station. After changing two buses and trusting the little paper and the helpful people of Yangshuo I was finally dropped at the riverside.Well the receptionist was right, there were no crowds at all, I had to wake up the person at the ticket booth, who in turn had to wake up to raft sailor. Finally the raft ride began and it was a really spectacular, even such beautiful pictures don't do just justice to the beauty.For return I rented a bike, which was a herculean task without any Chinese, but what was more difficult was location the return point in Yangshuo. Somehow I managed that and was rewarded with a very scenic bike ride.On the third and final day I took it easy and walked around the town and spent some time in the market at night.