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Hazara Rama Temple

Nisha Jagadesh
HAZARA RAMA templeAfter passing through the temples and bazaars and actually feeling the culture of the lost Vijayanagara empire, we now rode towards the Royal Enclosure – which is said to be spread over 59000 sq meters with palaces, temples, royal halls, ponds and other monuments included.The first one on the route was the Hazara Rama temple. As the name indicates, the temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The exterior walls of the temple have carvings of the scene when the warriors return from a successful war – thus showing the entire city welcoming the warriors with festivities and celebrations! The inside walls show the entire story of Ramayana! The temple was built in the early part of the 15th century.
Bhargavi Sri
- Hazara Rama temple
Omkar Kulkarni
The name HazaraRam Temple says the thousand carvings of Lord Rama. This temple is adorned with the carvings of Ramayana. Each nook and cranny of this temple is an architectural marvel. This temple was of private use of the royals. The temple has a separate lawn.One noticeable architecture is steps going to no-where. Why no-where because, the rest of the architecture might have been broken or vandalized or this might have been the pedestal to have a watch all over the area. Kind off a Watch tower (Watch Steps) to be precise.
Travel Engineer
Sumeet Poojary
14) Hazara Rama Temple:400 m away from Zarana Enclosure is Harara Rama temple. This famous temple is dedicated to Hindu Deity Lord Rama. The most famous or known thing about this temple is, it has the whole Ramayana depicted on the walls of the temple.