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Hazara Rama Temple

An important shrine and a hindu temple, this is located right in the middle of the royal omplex in Hampi. This temple was once the private temple of the Vijayanagara rulers and the others following them. The temple is now in ruins but the bas and the relics here still look beautiful. These are the specialties of the temple and on them are depicted the whole story of the epic Ramayana. The temple was built during the 15th Century during the rule of the Vijayanagara Ruler Devaraya II and initially had nothing but a single mandap. Later all the pillars and designed structures were added to make this temple look more beautiful. The name Hazara Rama came from the fact that there are a large number of idols and structures of the deity here. Also there are relics of royal scenes, horses, elephants and other royal animals. Surrounding this temple is a sprawling lawn which is a popular spot of tourists especially during the afternoon.
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Sumeet Poojary
14) Hazara Rama Temple:400 m away from Zarana Enclosure is Harara Rama temple. This famous temple is dedicated to Hindu Deity Lord Rama. The most famous or known thing about this temple is, it has the whole Ramayana depicted on the walls of the temple.
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Then we took a walk through the enclosure towards Hazara Rama Temple. The temple gained the name Hazara Rama meaning a thousand Rama owing to the multiple depictions of Rama throughout the temple walls. Many of the carvings narrate the story of Ramayana.
Hazara Rama Temple, once it was private temple of the kings and Royal family of Viajayanagar Empire. It is smaller but very beautiful and eye catchy. The temple of walls are carved with stories of Ramayana. The fine art on pillars and temple walls will attract you a lot from distance. Inside the temple there is 4 pillars of black granite with carvings on it. For some specific reason they are used. The name of temple is given due to Hazar Rama (a thousand rama). This temple is great example of excellent art.
The next stop is Hazara Rama temple, My auto driver told me that there are 1000 stone carvings from Ramayana depicted inside the temple. He also claimed that most of the Ramayana happened near Hampi. I went in and quickly came out which I regret a lot now. I didn't even take any photos, only video from my cell phone. Looking back now I think I should have spent more time in this trip and at each site! I will probably plan a trip again very soon. I also felt that the afternoon hours are not good to explore Hampi. Only the morning and evening time gets you good shots and is pleasant as well.From the temple I went back to explore the other side of the 'Mint'. First I saw the underground rooms, the viewing area and then the Step tank. Step tank is made in black rock and has no reliefs on them. Its all plain and smooth. Lots of steps to fetch water, there's also an open pipe system, huge pipes lead all the rain water to the step tank.