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December - February
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Virupaksha Temple

One of the oldest and largest in the city of ruins, this temple was built in the 7th century and is still in use. The temple is on the southern banks of the River Tungabhadra and has a very simple design and architecture. Over so many years and the changing rule of so many kings, a number of additions and expansions had been made in the form of pillars and small rooms. The temple is one of the gems of this ruined place and was built of simple brick and mortar. The life size idols of Lord Shiva is attractive and overall this place is an important site of pilgrimage for Shaivites. The present temple is also almost in ruins but still in use.
Virupaksha Temple, Hemakuta Hill, Sasivikalu Ganpati and Kadalekalu Ganpati, HampiThe Virupaksha Temple is a famous temple in Hampi because it was the place that the Hindu god Shiva and this wife Parvati were married. This is a temple with two towers, brilliant architecture, devoted to Lord Shiva, this is the most important place in Hampi.
Namrata Thanekar
Virupaksha temple is considered to be the oldest temple in Hampi. Its on walkable distance from River
Vikram Mn
We took the bus from there and reached Hampi Bus Stand and went to Virupasksha Temple, thus completing the whole circle. Temple wasn't as great as I thought. Once crossing the river, I had to go to room to take bath. Soma said he'd stay back for his Turkish Coffee. I got lift both to and fro. He was in Dudu Falafel, which had become our second home by then.We wanted to try out another restaurant. We had Nargila Restaurant in mind. And the thought got strengthened by a person we met in boat who said he'd be playing live music there. He has a shop next to the restaurant and sells music goods in the evening there and near the temple in the morning. Ambiance of the restaurant was good but it was very crowded. Live music and Bon Fire were done in rounds. Best part was the girl to my right who was continuously making fun of the waiter. She first asked for Smirnoff, the waiter didn't have a clue what it was, he said only MC was available. She didn't know what MC is, high class may be, then she asked in local tone, nasha hoga na? Lol. Ordered Vodka finally. The waiter took a long time to deliver but had a funny expression so none got angry. Finally when he came with Vodka in plastic glass, it didn't look like 60 ml, the girl said that too. I loved her expression.
abhishek shinde
We woke up early because we had too many places to visit for that day. We had heavy breakfast as we decided to skip our lunch and utilize that time to travel. We parked our scooties where we rented them and crossed river by boat ferry. We started our day with one of the famous spots in Hampi Virupaksha temple a form of Lord Shiva.
Virupaksha temple is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra. It is an active temple with regular poojas to Lord Shiva - in the form on linga. We spent close to 30 minutes in and around the temple and see a view of river Tungabhadra.