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Virupaksha Temple

One of the oldest and largest in the city of ruins, this temple was built in the 7th century and is still in use. The temple is on the southern banks of the River Tungabhadra and has a very simple design and architecture. Over so many years and the changing rule of so many kings, a number of additions and expansions had been made in the form of pillars and small rooms. The temple is one of the gems of this ruined place and was built of simple brick and mortar. The life size idols of Lord Shiva is attractive and overall this place is an important site of pilgrimage for Shaivites. The present temple is also almost in ruins but still in use.
Omkar Kulkarni
The next thing we did is we headed to Virupaksha Temple. Virupaksha a avataar or a form Of Lord Shiva is worshipped all over South India. The temple dating to Vijaynagara era is well worshipped and well maintained here. Though you need to visit this temple in the day time to see its aura and grandeur, but the darkness and the peace added more to it beauty. We sat there for almost 3 hours feeling the peace and the tranquility.
Sri Virupaksha Temple - The Virupaksha Temple in Hampi is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple was constructed in Lakkana Dandesha’s assistance who was a commander under King Deva Raya II. The Inverted Shadow of Virupaksha Temple Gopuram is another mystery that is found in Hampi is the inverted shadow of the gopuram at Virupaksha temple. It is a 52 meter high, 9 storied structure.Ugra Narasimha Swamy Statue - Being the largest statue in Hampi, it depicts Lord Narasimha in a terrifying or angry form. This monolithic structure, which is 6.7 m in height, has the lord sitting cross-legged position on the coil of a giant seven-headed snake Adishesha. Originally the statue also had Goddess Lakshmi sitting on lord’s lap, but according to history it was vandalized and damaged in the year 1565. The statue of Goddess Lakshmi can now be seen in Kamalapura Museum.
After Lunch, we went to Virupaksha Temple. The highlight was Lakshmi, an Elephant who gives you blessings :)
Marsha Das
High Happy Hippie
The first thing that you will see in Hampi is definitely this temple. The ruins of temple are spread all over Hampi and each of the place has its history, beauty and culture. There is lot of unread history that you will come across in Hampi.