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Haleakala National Park

Wake up early morning at 3:00 am and drive to Haleaekala Summit point to watch the sunrise, famously known as the house of the Sun. It is one of the most divine experiences to see the sun rising above the still clouds in front of you. There are a lot of tour companies taking you here at 3:00am. We were staying at Hosmer Grove Campground the night before and woke up around 5:00am. We wrapped up our tent and drove to the summit around 5:30am and made it before sunrise time 6:15 am. You will see on a couple of websites that you need reservation to get here for the sunrise since the place tends to get crowded with no available parking. We had no prior reservation only National Park ticket that we bought the night earlier. We didn't see anyone checking for reservations at the entrance, so I am guessing we got lucky! However, you could make reservation on their website.
Sonia Revankar
Haleakalᾱ volcano rises 10023 ft above the Pacific Ocean and occupies almost half of the Maui Island of Hawaii. The geologic history of Haleakalᾱ is estimated to have begun a million years ago, around the time of woolly mammoth and saber tooth tigers! It comprises of colourful cinder cones scattered throughout the valley floor. The most recent eruption took place in 1802. This volcano is considered to be an active but currently non-erupting volcano. I got a chance to see this place a few years back. It is a matchless heaven weathered and coloured over time. The rains have oxidized the earth and the winds have emphasized the cinder cones! When I actually got to the summit, I wondered what was so good about this volcano. I hardly saw the cinder cones and the lush bright colors of the soil! We were told to hike up a trail to experience it for ourselves. Therefore, we started trudging towards what we really hadn’t anticipated. What I am going to quote is often said my the people of Maui that clouds in and around the summit of Haleakalᾱ carry whispers of another time. It is said that the demigod of Maui fished Haleakalᾱ and all the Hawaiin volcanoes from the sea, pulling them up and flinging his fishhook to the heavens. On clear nights, the fishhook of Maui, now the Scorpio, can still be seen in the sky from the summit of Haleakalᾱ.