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I have recently been to Maui and I will admit that I am suffering from acute case of Maui nostalgia....

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Few things i really enjoyed in Maui.....

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Haleakala National Park, Maui, HI 9676
The sunrise view is breathtaking, but at that time of day and that elevation, the temperature can easily dip to freezing and you will need winter clothing or a blanket to feel comfortable on your climb up. For the more athletic, you can also tour Haleakala with a bike
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Maui, Hawaii, USA
Maui is likewise have to the 10,000 foot Haleakia Mountain. The mountain offers a focal observation point with staggering perspectives. There are numerous different exercises to scribble on your schedule. Take the beautiful way to Hana, stopping to take in the awesome waterfalls on the way. View humpback whales as they make their winter entry on the western shores.
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About Maui

Though I have been to Hawaii several times, this was my first trip to Maui. I was struck by the beauty of the island. From the spectacular lush green mountains to the royal blue waters surrounding it, Maui is quite a welcome sight for the weary traveler. But, it is not just the physical beauty of the island that is the draw. Every year, from December until April, Maui’s favorite wintertime visitors are in residence. The Humpback Whales, thousands of them, migrate from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska to the warm and sheltered waters of the Hawaiian Islands. I was skeptical as I scanned the calm water but after a just a few minutes of diligent observation, I was rewarded with the splash of a Whale's tail in the distance. How cool is that!? On the rest of the drive I had four more whale sightings and I was hooked. I always thought you had to go out really far on boats to see any whales but here on Maui, all you have to do is look out at the water from the beach, your hotel room, your car, wherever. They are literally everywhere.

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Best time to visit Maui is from June to September

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