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Mahana Beach

Shaz, Roamaholic
Hike time: 1 – 1.5 hrs Green Sand Beach is an absolute must-do activity for anyone traveling to the Big Island. Don’t be scared off by the tales of a windy, long hike, just be prepared. Yes, it’s extremely windy, and dusty, and rocky, but once you get there you’ll know it was well worth it. I saw a couple doing this hike with an infant on their back, so it’s definitely more than doable. Green Sand Beach There is very little shade on the beach so bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen – it’s hot out there. Often there will be locals with their 4-wheel-drives selling cold beer and sandwiches. You can also pay them to give you a lift back ($10-15) if you’re not feeling the treacherous journey, though don’t count on it because they’re not always there. I ran out of water with not a local in sight and the hike back was not fun. From Ka Lae (South Point), find the Kaulana Boat Ramp and follow the rough trail for about 4 km (2.5 mi). It’s hard to get lost, just follow the coastline, you’ll know when you’re there. It’s pretty steep getting down onto the beach so make sure you follow the trail and watch your step, it can be quite slippery. The beach sits in a volcanic crater and the olivine deposits actually cause the sand to be green. You may notice a green shimmer in the rocks as you get closer to the beach. It’s forbidden to take any of the sand as a souvenir to preserve one of the only two natural phenomenons of its kind in the world (the other being in the Galapagos), so be sure to respect that and take pictures only.