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Shalbha Sarda
LostThe popular series ended a while back but the fans of the series continue to explore the islands of Hawaii for its filming locations. The plane wreck site where much of the first season was shot is shown somewhere between California and Australia in the series. The actual site is in Oahu, Hawaii, on its north shore at the Mokule beach. While walking on the west green trail near the Turtle Bay Resort you will encounter plenty of lost filming locations. Many of its scenes were also shot on the windward coast of the Kaawa valley. But remember to take prior permission to visit this valley because it is a private property. The temple where Jin proposes to Sun seems like a Korean location. In reality the temple is in the valley of the temples in eastern Oahu and is called the Byodo Inn. It is also one of the most beautifully shot scenes of the entire series. And just so you don’t want to get lost in hunting all these locations, there are guided tours available from various companies to stay on track.
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Two days on Oahu Island
Lara Sen
The island of Oahu is home to numerous points of interest, for example, the city of Honolulu and the historic Pearl Harbour. Honolulu is home to Waikiki Beach, the encapsulation of fifties surf society. This island is the ideal spot to spoil yourself.