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Sea Life Park Hawaii

I wanted to swing by anyway but since I got a free swim with the dolphins, this was a must. It's a much smaller park but it's really nice. The animals are all a bit closer and more interactive than other similar but larger parks. The staff are really nice and informative as well. I got to swim with one of the dolphins from 50 First Dates.
Arushi Dutt
Kissing a dolphin seems like a far fetched dream, but not if you hang out at the Sea Life Park! Aside from dolphins, there are a ton of amazing marine creatures to check out. We spent an entire day here, but the highlight was most definitely the dolphin show! We got to go into the waters and interact with a dolphin, swimming aside with them, and finally planting a kiss on them. You can choose to ride on them for a slightly more expensive package too. There are penguins, turtles, and so much more... This was one of the last places we visited before leaving Hawaii :(