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Palakshi Goswami
I looked around.To the sleepy green landscape.The entire village by the mountain was not awake yet.The steep and lofty cliffs were sound asleep, peacefully.The gorgeous sky was changing its color, slowly.The snowy clouds were hovering around, silently.The silence was beautiful.I didn't tend to wake it up, to break their little green dream.I stopped all the alarm clocks, that tried to wake it up only to see the buildings which are getting bigger.Roads busier.Cars faster.Pubs slicker.People look sadder.Relations narrower.Birds disappear.Let the little village by the mountain sleep.And let it enjoy the green dream. For some more time.
Nainshree Goyal
Road from Mandi to Baggi was drive-able with decent conditions of roads. You can go on self drive also if you can figure out the route. Baggi is one of the points from where the trek starts. There are many more points too. One can explore and find the best one for yourself. There are various tour operators which operate from this point as well. You will find two small cafe to eat, freshen and few ration shops here to store and stack up any needs for the trek. Do not forget to carry water, trekking sticks and some warm clothes. you can also choose to leave your extra luggage at one of these cafe if you don't need them during or after the trek. It is available once you talk to the people at cafes there. The trek from baggi looks simple as its is not steep initially and you walk on the river bed. But for those who don't want to trek, can take a car and reach parashar too.I would rate this trek medium. It is steep at some places. And if it rains or snow, then the slippery leaves and mud can be difficult to climb or trek on. its a 5-6 hour trek of 7 Kms approximately.
And the hike begins..This trek welcomes you with rocks and boulders which also includes jumping over gushing water. The river which is quite dry now actually fills five times of recent state and have enough flow to pick large tree trunks. After one hour of dragging your feet through rocks, we encounter the dense forest which prevails in most of the part of the trek. As we make entry, there are wet clay because of overnight snow melting with dense covering of rhodendron and pine trees. After some distance the trail enters into a oak forest. After around 1km of walk, one can spot Dhauladhar Mountains and enough clearing to get some nice clicks. I was delighted to see the orange colour autumn leaves strewn on the path. Keep a guide because there are enough trails to get lost which eventually land you in different villages. One can spot creepers and climbers hanging from the valleys and the roots protruding out from clay which makes nice footrest and helps to grip your souls.
Sreshti Verma
The beginning of the trail requires walking on a rocky gorge-like clearing, which was created by the floods of 2015. Keep right and then join a road which will take you towards the east. You will walk this paved route for a little under an hour, after which starts the forest trail on your right. The only direction to follow from here is up!Extremely relevant tip number 3: The path is confusing, but doable on your own. But if you have a local following or leading you, let them guide you on the correct path for as little as Rs 300 (that's what we did).
Saurabh Jain