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After having breakfast we started our trek at around 10 0'clock.The trek distance is 8 km for one side. Our campsite was 1.5 km away from the lake. It needs at least 3 hours to reach the Kishna campsite, rest depends on your pace and stamina. The trail we took goes from inside forest. Mind you do not go via this way without any guide. You might end up getting lost in the forest. The trails will surprise you throughout; the meadows have spectacular views of Dhauladhar range the locals you will meet on the way will always greet you with a warm smile. When we were 2 km away from the campsite the most magical thing happened, the snowfall. It was the first ever snowfall for me.We reached the campsite around 4 PM. As it was heavily snowing we dropped the idea of heading to the lake. It was a beautiful campsite but do not expect any luxuries. Even electricity is not available and don't forget to bring you power bank. They gave you two options: either you can stay at the rooms (they provide you only sleeping bags and you may have to share the room with other 4-5 people) or you can stay in the tents. Camping is the best option if you are trekking to Parashar Lake. However, if you don't want to camp and don't want to freeze yourself you can book the PWD and Forest Department Guesthouses.Please make sure to book in advance.
Ipsita Ghosh
Baggi is a small village from where one can start the trek to lake Prashar (7-8 km uphill). Since, it was my first ever experience in trekking, I didn't know the hard work one put in to reach to the top. I was thinking that I could easily do it as the natives of the place were doing. Soon, I figured out that it is not at all easy to walk on foot, carrying heavy backpacks and no human settlement in the middle. I realised that we live our lives at ease in the cities where we have all kinds of luxuries from good transportation to good telephone network. Yes, these are luxuries of course, since, many remote places in mountains are still devoid of good accessible roads, poor hospital facilities and low network coverage.Life Lesson 1: I learned to be grateful for whatever I have in my life. I stopped complaining to my parents for the things I don't have. I thank nature and my surroundings for my easy-going life.
Mayank Singhal
Palakshi Goswami
I looked around.To the sleepy green landscape.The entire village by the mountain was not awake yet.The steep and lofty cliffs were sound asleep, peacefully.The gorgeous sky was changing its color, slowly.The snowy clouds were hovering around, silently.The silence was beautiful.I didn't tend to wake it up, to break their little green dream.I stopped all the alarm clocks, that tried to wake it up only to see the buildings which are getting bigger.Roads busier.Cars faster.Pubs slicker.People look sadder.Relations narrower.Birds disappear.Let the little village by the mountain sleep.And let it enjoy the green dream. For some more time.
Nainshree Goyal
Road from Mandi to Baggi was drive-able with decent conditions of roads. You can go on self drive also if you can figure out the route. Baggi is one of the points from where the trek starts. There are many more points too. One can explore and find the best one for yourself. There are various tour operators which operate from this point as well. You will find two small cafe to eat, freshen and few ration shops here to store and stack up any needs for the trek. Do not forget to carry water, trekking sticks and some warm clothes. you can also choose to leave your extra luggage at one of these cafe if you don't need them during or after the trek. It is available once you talk to the people at cafes there. The trek from baggi looks simple as its is not steep initially and you walk on the river bed. But for those who don't want to trek, can take a car and reach parashar too.I would rate this trek medium. It is steep at some places. And if it rains or snow, then the slippery leaves and mud can be difficult to climb or trek on. its a 5-6 hour trek of 7 Kms approximately.