Astha Talwar
I took a Volvo bus from New Delhi (it's handy to book a bus from red bus, costing somewhere between Rs. 800-15000 per person) on Friday. I de-boarded at Mandi bus stop after a 10-hour journey and took a lift till Baghi- it is the starting point of the mighty Parashar lake trek. I reached Kisna cafe at Baghi. It is indeed a beautiful district with a river flowing all across. Kisna cafe's lemon tea is to die for! I relaxed alongside the river, clicked few pictures, and started my trek. ( if you arrive late at Baghi for some reasons, don't worry, you can easily hire a taxi(Rs. 1500) as the road is motorable, which means you take your own vehicle till Parashar lake too!). Do not go for a guide as what is trekking without some thrill of getting lost in thick jungle :D Jokes apart, you will get lost, but only in the beauty of the trail leading to the summit ;)