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Camp 2 - Padri

Vachana Shetty
Grahan to Padri Date: May 6 2014 Feet: 7700ft to 9300ft Kms: 9 kms Time taken: 8:30AM to 1:30PM Difficulty: Easy Terrain: This is probably the easiest and fastest stretch in this entire trek. The path is not too steep and fun. It’s foggy in some places and the woods remind you of Game of Thrones. The banners are an indication that the camp site is not too far off. Experience: I loved this stretch. I thinking feeling better had a great deal to do with this feeling. Also, I started eating Maggi and Omlet at every place that was selling it. God bless those people. The thing is, YHAI food is good when it’s hot. Packed lunch I did not like at all as it was hard, cold and not tasty. Zoheb and I survived on Maggi and Omlet. Padri Camp: This is the second best camp site of Sar Pass. Padri is the base of a valley with beautiful mountains all around. Walking around this camp is a beautiful experience as you gorgeous wherever you look. Ellora, Radhika, Mohit, Zoheb, Anshul and I sat on top of a small hill to get some sun and chatted away. The camp also acted as a ground for all of us to play lots of games. Mafia, Seven – Up and good old Antakshari made the evening extremely memorable. Camp fire kept us warm and we sang for hours. In terms of bonding as a group, this probably was the best camp site.