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Aastha Sharma
Not many people are aware of Chicham village. It has gained popularity majorly due to the Chicham bridge which was built in 17 years and is Asia's Highest altitude bridge.I met some amazing people in Chichum who even invited us for tea in their house. Their hearts are as big as the lands they own.
Prakriti Varshney
Lofsang and Tenzin made me feel so warm that I forgot about the cold weather. After laughter, some tea and their beautiful stcories, I bid adieu to them and headed to Chicham Village, which is 5 kms from Kibber Village.
Prakriti Varshney
After breathing in the mystery of religions and the utmost power, we came out and started making our way to Hikkim, because we were eager to see the Highest Post Office in the world.Hikkim is just 3 kms from Komik and we reached within 20 minutes. The clouds which looked like cotton candy till now started looking like tornadoes, filling me with amazement.
Prakriti Varshney
We reached there quiet earlier than I expected. We found a spot to fix our tents at night and started engaging ourselves with locals. Someone asked us to trek to Chicham Village to see a rope-way that stands at a height of about 3 thousand feet or more.