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Deo Tibba

Had a great experience of travelling for 20 days in north India and peeps everything isn't mentioned here. After  travelling and  When I am back from the SOLO trip many ppl have asked me about my experience, about the places and all about the 20 days but at that time I can't tell them that I had lived my life and I have seen many things which I can't share but only I can cherish and share with myself. But one thing, I can surely say that I had a wonderful time while spending with myself. It's like my life, my way and there was no one to tell me what to do and at each and every place it's my decision to take and no one had a chance to interfere. Happy really happy to spend time with myself. Started from Vijayawada on 18th of May 2018 and from travelled to Delhi where I got an accommodation from my senior @chaithu0802 thank u Anna had a wonderful time with u ppl and u made my stay feel like my home. You are the only person I should thank in my entire trip(of course there are many😅) and also to pranay Anna for his tamarind rice Thank you brother. And from there  Delhi➡Manali ➡Deo tibba (They say that it's a Himalayan trek but it's not ) ➡ Haridwar(Didn't went for religious purpose wanted to know about it in deep )➡ Rishikesh ➡ Delhi. I have learnt a lot from the ppl I met and Himachal is a place where ppl are so generous and friendly with others (Not everyone but I can say about a 0.9 probability). In those 20 days I was in many situations which are unthinkable sometimes and I have seen many things which are unspeakable. The first 10 days are a trek so it's like meeting ppl and moving ahead. But the last 10 had many emotions, feeling and tough situations(sometimes). Before going I had a vague feeling that I shouldn't trust anyone much, but after being in that situation I made myself clear that I can trust ppl in India and indeed there are very good ppl in India. I should thank all my trek mates and all those ppl whom I have met. Cheers guys will meet u soon. @ Deo Tibba
Disha Kapkoti
When in Manali, trekking to the Deo Tibba Base Camp is on the checklist of many adventure lovers who arrive here. One might take this as a moderate level trek but the trail does demand your fitness. The trail starts from Baraah Hazaari Hydro Water Station near Jagatsukh and taxis can be hired to reach this village from Manali.Unless you are a seasoned trekkers, it is advisable to join a trekking group or hire a guide to continue on the trail ahead. The trail leads all the way to 13,700 ft via Chikka, Seri and Tenta which are incredible camping sites.Number of days: 6Distance: 37 km onwardsStarting base camp: Baraah Hazaari Hydro Water Station near JagatsukhBest time to visit: May to SeptemberAlso read: Trek to Deo Tibba Basecamp near Manali by Raghav Khattar
Shambhavi Mhetre
Proceeded for Deo-Tibba base
Shambhavi Mhetre
Marched for BhujDhar
Shambhavi Mhetre
Marched to Jobdi