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Gulaba Tourist Spot

Vishal Vishwakarma
In the very next day we traveled to Gulaba village, it took 2-3hours from our location to reach there. The village was cover with snow ❄⛄, People come here for ice skiing, all the snowbirds were enjoying like hell 🙌After we traveled to taste Manali famous Trout fish. Believe me it was delicious😋✨, every fish lover should try, it costs us only 300 per piece. This dish was invented by British during there rule in India. After completing our lunch we went for sightseeing  and as well as we covered local market.  After that went down to see beas river as well.
Akarshan Sapra
Second Day
Swati Verma
We then took a cab to Gulaba , anticipating the risk to travel on a bike in case it rained or snowed . Gulaba was a hour away from Main Manali and our cabby dropped us at the most touristy and crowded spot of Gulaba. It was so windy and chilly out there, that we had to buy mufflers to cover our face! The mountain view was just fantastic. But to experience the snow beds, we had to climb upwards for about 20-25 mins. The terrain was risky as it was steep and rocky with ice embedded at several places. We saw a big crowd of tourists clicking pics at the snow point and trying out skiing on a small patch. Though we went up in the snowy area, we were not very happy with the crowd. So we did not spend much time over there and came back to the road thinking of our plan B. In our enthusiam to explore more, we walked along the Leh-Manali Highway unaware of what awaited us beyond! We walked and walked enjoying the array of mountains and valleys. At about 1 km away we reached the Rohtang base barricading. Cars were not permitted beyond that point and we could see few people at the mountain top enjoying in the snow laden peak! So we decided this was it! We had to reach the top most point of the mountain and since no vehicles were around it was a pure blissful walk in the nature. The snow was getting thicker as we moved towards higher altitudes. We picked up a stick and did depth check of snow along the road with stick to find out the best spot to play with in the snow. We went about 2 km ahead on the road, and took shortcuts through the hills in between to enjoy being in the lap of the nature. With the sun shining through the mountains and random and scenic patches of snow bed all around and lush green pines standing tall looking towards the sky, we felt like deliberately losing ourselves over there to never return home!Gulaba Snow Point:
ShIvam AgrAwal
DAY 4-We woke up around 7:00 A.M. and after breakfast we left for Gulaba at 9:30 A.M. Gulaba was at 10000 ft from where our trekking starts. We reached there around at 1:30 P.M. We had to reach intermediate camps which was at 12500 ft and 12 km's from Gulaba. We started trekking with sleeping bags in hand and around 3:00 P.M. we all sat together to have a lunch. Further after trekking quite a miles we explored astonishing greenery, beautiful horses , mountainous sheep and also collected wooden sticks for bonfire up there. Finally exactly at 5:12 P.M. we reached our camps. The view from there was exceptional. It was stunning. There we learned how to set up the tents. It was so cold up there. Temperature was low. Then further at night we cooked maggi for dinner and started bonfire which was very relaxing. Our trekking was plan for 3 days but Kishan Bhaiya told weather will become worst the next day and therefore we have to leave in the afternoon itself (next day). We all got scared and shocked. But it was the only option left. We had to leave early in the morning for Bhrigu Lake (summit point). It was 9 km's from the camps.
Shashank Sinha
The Trek Begins from Gulaba Road to "Chaudah Mod"And so we progressed through the lovely meadows. Daylight was burning as it was 7 PM already. In just about an hour or so we reached "Chaudah Mod", a beautiful Bugyal (meadows) it was.