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From the waterfall I went to Laka Glacier, it was fun to explore around without any hurry.
Prachi Shah
Last day of the trek!! Most people would say they have mixed feelings when any trip is about to come to an end, sad to leave the place but at the same time eager to go home and sleep in one's own bed. I had no mixed feelings. I was downright upset and sad to leave this place. It had become a cocoon of sorts. The tiny camp, those majestic views of the mountains in the morning, the sound of the gushing river water nearby. I was going to miss it all. I had to visit the river just one last time and take in that beautiful color, so that is exactly what I did. Just sat near the river bed for a few quiet moments.
Prachi Shah
Finally at around 9 pm we reached the campsite and I just collapsed in the tent. My legs were half out, torso half in the tent. Honestly I just couldn't believe that we were back in one piece, safe and sound and I had survived that day!!I remember up there in those harsh conditions with that snow all around, I told my friend that never again am I gonna trek in my life. This is it. After this only luxury holidays for me.But after surviving this day, when I woke up the next morning and saw those views around the campsite, all I could think was where will I go for my next trek!!High altitude multi day treks really test you as a person and you discover so darn much about yourself. I realized I am much stronger physically than I believed myself to be and much weaker when it comes to my reactions in a worrying situation. I am embarrassed that I cried up there and instead of just keeping my wits, I lost all sense and sobbed like a baby. I am equally proud of the fact that despite of all that I didn't give up and just kept going on.I hope this post gives you all the information for planning a trek to Indrahar pass summit (in the winter months), as I am sure during summers it's got to be much easier as there is no fear of snowfall.Day 5, 6 and 7 left for the trip. Can't wait to share it all...
Saurabh Jain
Spend sometime time to see the shelter homes build by shepherds.