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Trekkers usually assume that Chandranahan lake is close to the snout of the waterfall but it is another hour of trek into the glacial valley. The journey to the lake takes a difficult turn the moment you get to the flat at the snout of the waterfall. The closed alpine valley with snow patches all round is a treat.Day 5:Litham to Dayara to Janglik and back to Shimla.
Reach to Janglik by Cab or By Local bus:We have started our trek from Shimla(Himachal Pradesh) early morning around 07:00 Am. We have arranged cab from Shimla Station to Janglik Village (Takes 06 – 08 Hour) post-Rohru and Chirgaon riding gracefully through the blue water of Pabbar river.Cab will charge you in between 5000 Rs T0 6500 Rs from shimla old bus.A short trek to Janglik village crossing through Pabbar by the bridge A broken bridge.
The population of the village is around 120 people comes under the tehsil of Chirgaon 29km from Janglik. Main Occupation of the villager is farming some are involved in tourism activities (On the evolution stage) .Devta Jakh Sahib is famous among the villager as you will find a big temple in the middle of the village where every villager pay tribute every day. We got to know from our Guide that villager gifts some part of their first crop and first income to devta Jakh sahib. There is tribute once in a year that is paid by the villager to Devta Jakh sahib.The village is rich in heritage and has immense picturesque views.We have our base camp at Janglik village have the awesome views of Mountain have good traditional dinner in the camp.
Lakshya Garg
The next day we had to wake up by 7 and get ready with breakfast done by 8. With a talk about how the route is going to be we started off towards are next camp which was in Dayara Bugyal , the elevation was no too much except for few patches which has a greater elevation , there were one or two spots which had open grounds , with warm sunlight and a mountain right opposite to us which looked amazing beautiful partially covered in snow and sunrays falling upon it's edges made the look heavenly.
We started at 5:30 in the morning. Also we arranged a cab as we had to reach Janglik ASAP without wasting time. It was 7 km to Janglik if we walked. He left us at Janglik pul since that pul was broken we now started on foot and this was where we started our trek.