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Abhigya S
Rampur to Karcham is a pleasant three-hour journey with some spectacular views. From Karcham, the road diverges into two, one takes you to Reckong Peo, the other to Sangla. So, if you do not plan to explore other parts of Kinnaur like Kalpa, Nako, etc. you should get down here at Karcham and take the next bus to Sangla.
Rituja Mitra
I reached Karcham 2 pm next Day. One can find several private bus that will take you to Sangla or Chitkul. I decided to board a direct bus to Chitkul which was about to depart from Karcham at 3:30 pm.
Saumya Tripathi
The Village Temple at Karcham.One is not allowed to enter without the Kinnauri Cap .It offers the mot breathtaking view of the mountain ranges.
Sudhanshu verma
Well, you will get all the buses going to chitkul from karcham bridge. there is a bus from peo to chitkul which reaches karcham bridge around 2pm.
Deepti Asthana
The Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric Plant is another beautiful stopover. It’s a run-of-the-river hydroelectric power station on the Sutlej River in Kinnaur district. While highway takes you straight to Reckong , there is bridge at Karcham which bifurcates the way to Kalpa and Sangla