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Hippie Child ✌
Day 2:
Anyways, after that one lorry ride,we reached this amazingly beautiful village Khoksar,located in one serene valley with the best views that nature had to offer but it made no sense then.Just after getting dropped,we were looking out for options to reach Manali.
Sapna Dhiman
Chandigarh to Khoksar(HP) : We started around 4 am from Chandigarh. It took us around 10 hrs to reach Manali. There we had our lunch & filled the petrol tank full, then crossed the Gulaba checkpost around 5 pm.Around 8 pm, we reached Khoksar, which is first village after Rohtang Pass. We made our first night stay there in a decent dormitory run by HP tourism and costs INR 200/bed.Total Distance covered - Day 1: 388 kms - ( 308 km Chd to Manali + 80 km Manali to Koksar).Pro Travel Trip : At Gulaba checkpost, there is heavy traffic jam during day, especially during peak seasons. So, plan your departure accordingly - either cross it early in the morning or in evening before 5 pm.
Jamee Chatterjee
Heads-up : Tuesdays Rohtang Pass is closed . Make sure your travel dates align this .From Manali to Kaza it is just 201 Kms . Due to extreme road conditions riders (including cars) takes around 11-15 hrs .
Jamee Chatterjee
Day 2 : We started early morning around 7 am in search of bikes rent . I had done my homework before I could rely on anyone’s service . BRM is quite popular for its excellent condition bikes and services . We rented it from Himalayan Garage . We took a 500cc dual-stroke Enfield . 350 cc was not an option as it was monsoon and also for travelling the terrains in Spiti your bike needs power so as the rider . It is very important for the rider to choose the right bike and make sure you carry spare parts and tool-kit for any hassles on the road .