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Anshul Sharma
Visit the Kotkhai Palace or FortThe Kotkhai Palace is located in the Kotkhai Valley nestled amidst the scenic landscape. The palace was built by king Rana Sahab and is locally known as Bussa. The palace has Tibetan style architecture and the roof is like that of a pagoda. From the Palace, you can get lovely view of the Giri Ganga River that flows through the foot of the cliff. The best feature of the fort is the absolutely beautiful and elaborate wood-carvings almost everywhere. There is a display of swords, shields and collection of khukris. The impressive structure though not much known is a marvel of Himalchali architecture.
Himachal Pradesh is truly a paradise for travellers like me. I am always in search of those beautiful villages where I can spend a few days in solitude while I look for the secluded valleys and forests and enjoy the hospitality of the wonderful people. In short, I am looking for places that are often termed “offbeat” (though I believe offbeat has become quite a generic term now). Himachal has a number of such places, some of them quite close to the major tourist attractions of Shimla and Manali.Kothkai is one such quaint town located quite close to Shimla, yet away from the maddening tourist crowd. This small town is known for its apple orchards. In fact, Kothkai is famous for the Ratnari Baghi Valley that has been associated to largest production when it comes to apples. Well, I had not known this fact before I visited the place. Apart from this, Kothkai is an immensely beautiful place offering a view of the picturesque valley of the Hatu Peak.