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Navneet Kumar
After some clicks and darshan we moved towards Kuppad Peak. We did get some intel from the Shepherds who were wrapping their belongings to get back to low lands as it’s the time when it starts to snow there and the shepherds carry their flock to low grounds in search for Pasteur. Anyways, after some detours we came back on right track which followed the stream of River Giri Ganga and the trails created by the footprints of cattle as well as shepherds. The trail leads to a valley with large open ground with a small stream of river flowing downwards. You can see the meadow of Kuppad at a height from this valley.
Ashish and Arjun were really exhausted and they were in no mood to climb up to the top however after a little push they did climb. It was a mere 10 min steep climb to the top where there was nothing but a small house with stone walls and tin roof which acted as a resting point and kitchen for shepherds. It had nothing but some left overs like wood, some masalas, a soap and some bedding. Believe me it was the first establishment that we saw after Giri Ganga temple.
Kirat S
I started from Delhi on the evening of one Thursday in the month of June. I presumed the weather is great for trekking since the rains haven’t yet begun and winter is far away. I reached Shimla at 5 am in the morning and was greeted by an almost sunny morning and chilly winds. After a hasty breakfast of tea, biscuits and bread omelet at the bus stand, I made my way to Khada Pathar. First, it was a nightmare to find a bus that would take me there and secondly the locals were immensely helpful in figuring things out for this lost ‘Dilli waali ladki’.Finally I set off for another 4 hours of travelling. The roads were horrible and it was a good thing that my breakfast weren’t the yummy aloo paranthas I almost ate. The ride is topsy turvy and you would know exactly how Donkey from Shrek feels! I must have asked “are we there yet?” at least 8 times.I finally reached Khada Pathar just after noon and surprisingly was hungry even though my stomach hadn’t fully recovered from the journey. I stuck to dal and rice from one of the many dhabas there and after asking around started my trek to Kuppar Top!