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Lakshmi KTP
The next day we visited the temple complex of mesmerizing architecture. The villagers told us that before the arrival of the bus to the valley in 2009, people had to walk for three days to reach the village. The village is abode to many unique medicinal plant species. The Rupin River, a tributary of Yamuna, separates the two villages Dodra and Kwar. The Rupin pass connects the village to Sangla in Kinnaur, another exciting trek route. In the evening we met a group of children who were managing a herd of sheep. They were sitting beside fire in a corner of the vast bare land beside the temple. We sat with them till the night grew darker. As it got colder outside, we decided to head back to our room. On the way we met an old man who was sitting outside his home. Just by seeing us walking beside his home he invited us in. His wife and two children were inside the small mud hut. After having the tea served to us and conversing about the beliefs, customs and traditions of Kwar for a long time, we bid goodbye to him and headed to our place of stay. We had a nice and hot dinner served in brass plates from the nearby cafe and had a sound sleep that night.