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Pong Dam

Kunal Singh
As we entered Himachal Pradesh through Una, we rode for another 80 kms to finally get connected to the hilly roads we had been so eagerly waiting. While riding through the hilly roads, as we were coming closer to our destination, we reached a beautiful site, it was so scenic, we had to stop our bikes and take pictures. This place is Pong Dam, built on Beas River, and located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Motor boats standing at the banks of Beas river.
Sahila Kalia
Our mornings in the hills always begin with an early wake up call from the nature to visit the rising sun. We immediately got out of bed at around 5:00 AM and got ready to visit our first destination called Pong Dam Lake. Well, not exactly a dam but an enormous lake reservoir, which flows downhills to the dam and generate hydro power for the state.
RD Prajapati
Three days had passed in Himachal roaming! And when we were in Chintampurni on October 3, there was rain in the night, due to which the cold had increased! The effect was that the children's nose began to run! Today we had the whole day of 4th October today, it was thought that Kullu should go, Dussehra of Kullu is very popular, but after falling away and seeing the health of the children, the pong dam had to be fixed! Pong Dam is not far away, only 32 kilometers away from Chintampurni, between the two! That is the way about an hour!In the hotel we stayed, there was a tea shop in front of it! In the morning, they were drinking tea after taking salmon from the hotel, they asked the same tea to go to Pang Dam, how could they go! There was only one way in my mind - the way back from Dehar through Masaroor Rock! But when he told that the way we would be about 48 to 50 km, then I had to look at the path told by that man! If you are going to become Amb, then only one hour will reach Pong! I liked his point of view, it was also! The distance of about 20 kilometers was in both ways! Where did I say, from where will I get it - speak from here! Just gone, the second will come in 10 minutes! And another bus came to the end of tea! Only 15-16 people in the name of the passengers! The feet spread out! I was thinking that there would be a small town, but it would have taken 10 minutes to cross it! I felt a bit different in Himachal! In every shop of tea, instead of gas cylinders, the electric stove (induction stove) is used! Is there power inexpensive? If you know any reason then definitely tell!Just getting out of dense forests! There is a way out of such a forest that nowhere did the cheetah come out! Shitla Mata's temple is only a short distance away from Chintappurni, I could only take her photo from the bus! Dussehra's Pandal was still on the way! In the middle when I once asked the conductor - brother how much time will it take now! Then he told the time and said in the same manner that we will take you to Talwara, from there, giving five to five rupees, you go from Tempo to Pong Dam! Where did this Talwara come from? Then he told that Pang Dam falls on Fatehpur-Jassur road and our bus is only from Chintapurni to Talwara. Hmmm! I've got it !Talwara, Actually comes in Punjab! Nearly 40 kilometers away from the Mukerian! And Pong Dam Himachal! We were in Talwara around 10 and a half ten! Drink tea as soon as possible! Pini is there, compulsion! I feel like drinking tea every other third time, and if you find it every hour, you will get better sleep! Well, if you ask for tea piking road cross curry and auto-pong to go to Pang Dam, then it will take 200 rupees! Hey, the bus was saying that five five rupees would reach Pang! The great C-Private bus was also standing there, asked him to go to Pong Dam! It will take 20 rupees for a ride! What's the problem, sit down! Going a little distance, there is a board that tells the distance of Pong Dam! There was written pong dam 5 kilometers! That is, the bus driver has taken me about eight rupees for about eight kms but the good man asked for rent only for 30 rupees! Four people! Four are not perfect, two whole and two quarters! Count four, weight is two!Pong Dam went north! Ruthless Dame! But you have come! Where a bus is a police picket at a distance from the distance! Just walk there! There were also people, but all those employees were there! Asked to roam the police, he just disappointed once! Talk you have to get a permit! I asked - Where to get the permission! Nothing written on the net! But where he was supposed to believe -Bola will get you permission from Talwada, from BBMB, BBMB means Bhakra Beas management board, then you can roam here! In those days more people had also come to that picket, all were roaming freely! I told the police the whole Ram story that seeing the mind of the children, we did not even know that permission was required for it! In the end, after seeing my identity card and interfering with other employees, he gave permissions and we kept his luggage in his picket too!Photographs on Pong Dam are forbidden, but you can sneak up silently! I did the same, so the number of photos you get, the stolen have been hidden! The ban is just like this, it is not too strict, just do not see anyone! Pang Dam is also called Maharana Pratap Sagar, it was built on the river Beas in 1975! Beas river, near Rohtang Pass, comes out of Beas Kunda! When this dam was made then it used to be the highest dam in India! As much as you could roam, so much roam, then entered the cafeteria there! There was nothing except food to biscuits and drinking nothing except tea! Drink tea! I gave him 20 notes! According to the 10 rupees tea, let the speech open, I said how many, said four rupees! So cheap, tea was great! Then he told that this is a government canteen! Being a government has its own fun! If you get more government, then in the canteen of Parliament, there will be good food for 2 rupees 50 paise!From Dam itself, Pathakkot got a direct bus! Perfect, video coach! And at 6 o'clock in the evening, bypassing Pathankot! Tampo got bypass, I said station! Said yes, sit down! Sit down! I do not know where to go Tell me that the station has come! It was visible! We were on the other side! When we walked, we came to know when the station reached, it was actually Pathankot Cantonment station! Maybe the garden of the mill! And we had to catch the train from Pathankot junction! Again caught the timpo and then went to Pathankot junction to go there! There was nothing except the tea biscuits in the stomach! So first decided that something should be eaten! There are many fine eating hotels on the road outside the Pathankot junction station! Kha peek back to Pathankot Junction! And got your train at 11 o'clock! Ghaziabad next morning!