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Sach Road

The car halted before the glacier which had mountain walls of snow and the road was filled with water! The car couldn’t go ahead and with my excitement – I quickly borrowed boots for 50 Rs and ran towards the glacier. Can you imagine witnessing snow in the month of May? I didn’t and here I was playing with it.This is nothing but nature’s miracle and yes human beings are just tiny specks of it! I walked about 4 kms from there just being on feet after 6 hours crammed in car in the lap of nature was such a delight. I stood on the top with snow, trees and clouds all around watching the mountains this close to me which seemed impossible when we started the car journey in the morning. I felt truly blessed!This surreal experience will remain in my heart for long and this extended birthday adventure has taught me to step up my game! On our ride back to Dalhousie we stopped by Chamera lake to fulfill the demands of our stomach. The perennial carpeting of the conifers, the lake entrapped between and the squeaky cleanliness in the air makes the experience here unforgettable. Currently boating and other activities are put on hold considering a conflict going on the parties over the claim over the lake.
We started around 5.30 in the morning when the entire town was asleep; there was pin drop silence and empty roads. This was the day when I would be exactly at the place that was a mesmerizing view from my hotel room, I was too excited and bit bumpy. As we were going ahead, the taxi person actually pointed out to the mountains where we would be going – the snow clad mountains beyond so many massive hills, it seemed impossible! The 6 long hour journey was exhausting, overwhelming and scary – every turn, every road – mainly good but many a places broken, muddy, extremely bumpy and the whole ride I could see crossing one mountain to another, it was mystical.They say that sometime journey is better than the destination – here I felt it. It was altogether a different world from the window pane of the car, I was truly amazed by the way he was driving – all in control, swiftly, avoiding the bumps or dust clad roads with ease! The drive till Bairagarh was astounding to say least but the real adventure began from there. The police at the Satrundi check post reviewed our identity cards, checked driving license, wrote our details in the register and gave us a warning about the condition of the roads being really bad and the ongoing construction making the roads all the more challenging.As we drove ahead, the road became more and more difficult, narrow and bumpy but with each turn we were close to the snow clad mountains – it left me breathless. I was in awe of the splendid nature that was in its almighty form- beautiful, enticing and overpowering. The entire way up had lots of natural waterfalls, flowery valleys, tall vegetation and snow covered hills; there were times when the waterfall was directly falling over the car – it was one of the most delightful sites that I had witnessed! We reached Kalaban for a quick halt to grab chai and snacks – there were lot of quaint shops offering tea, coffee and maggi- I was literally wondering as to how these people come every day here; to which they shared that they reside here for few months before it becomes unbearable to stay.Interestingly we were the first ones to arrive so I took my leisure time to breathe the fresh air, soak in the serenity of the mountains and be grateful to be able to come here! We were now moving on the road that was surrounded by the walls of snow on one side and mountains with snow on another side – so close, so unbelievable and crazy!
Himanshu Sadhwani
This was the toughest day of our trail. We aimed to cover 200kms(Bairagarh to Udaipur). As we started towards Sach Pass after 10kms extreme off-roading started. We met with lots of Water Crossing on our way. Weather was too cold today. As we were about to reach sach pass , snow fall started and that when I saw snowfall in the month of June. After spending around half and hour at sach we started towards Udaipur(there's one in Himachal also ;) ) . As we moved around 3-4 kms heavy snow fall started and we all started shivering due to cold and Udaipur was still 120kms far so we decided to stay at a Dhaba somewhere in the middle. We took rest whole day and prepared us for the ride next day as we had to cover till Manali and that was around 280 kms complete off-roading .