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Tibet Kitchen

Visit Tibet Kitchen, a restaurant located at the main square that serves delicious Tibetan and Indian food. Gorge over several plates of momos and thukpa, a meal that will make you keep coming back to this restaurant.
Food is an integral part while travelling and here at Mcleodganj you can hop on different cuisines. This hill station is mainly famous for its Tibetan & Italian cuisines. We visited the famous Tibet Kitchen at Main Square to feel the true essence of Dharamsala.
This is more of a restaurant than a café. It is always full, and there is waiting. That itself bears testimony that how good the taste of the food is. Unlike other cafes, you can’t sit here and relax; it’s more of a hush-hush affair. This place has a lot to offer.ThentukFlat noodles served in a soup like dish like thukpa. Thukpa has long noodles, and thentuk has flat noodles. That’s the only difference between the dishes. It was something new for me which I enjoyed thoroughly.MomosTibetan cuisine is incomplete without momos. The filling was very good, but it was a bit spicy. If you weren't to enjoy momos, it’s better to have it on the road as they are homemade, and the taste is very different. Spending INR 100+ on momos in a restaurant is definitely a waste of money.Noodles and Fruit BeerThe Hakka noodles were good and tasty and with just the right amount of spices. Fruit Beer and Peach Beer was something which went very well along with the food.Street food
Piyanki Biswas
Best place in the entire hills for authentic Tibet and oriental cuisine.
Priyanka Singh