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Kalsubai Mata Temple

Rohith T V
It is around a 4 to 5 hour trek. We had reached the peak at around 11 o'clock. Everything looks white around as we had trekked above the clouds. Suddenly through the gushing wind all the clouds vanished and there appeared a huge lake on the southern face of the mountain. It is none other than Bhandardara Dam and what an amazing view it was!! Still further south one can see Harichandragad, another famous peak in Maharashtra of little lesser height than Kalsubai.
After a small prayer at the temple and a customary group photo (cant even make out anyone’s face in it :P), the descend started. Coming down those wobbly ladders was a task at hand for everyone. But no had any idea about what the rains had been busy doing while we were at the top. Everything wet, drenched, muddy and slippery. Rocks, mud, water made the descend a bit tough, but got down there without any causalities.En route the trek, made some very good friends, a stand-up comic, a pilot and a pro-trekker/engineer for whom all this was nothing but a puny walk in the park!!