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Albert Hall Museum

When you enter the city of Jaipur, there will be a huge mansion that will catch your attention on the middle of the road. It is actually situated in the heart of Jaipur. The mansion is nothing but what is popularly known as Albert Hall Museum. The various exhibits from the past starting from paintings and sculptures to the preserved things used by the royal families like armours and clothing are something that will take you off your feet and on a time machine ride into the past. This is a must visit for historical buffs and those interested in art.
Amit Sahoo
Snehal Gherade
The next day we visited the Albert Hall Museum. We can see well displayed various types of weapons like shields made from various metals. Also, you can see a shield on which the Ramayana story is carved.
Snehal Gherade
Apart from this, it has good collection of royal family cloths, ornaments, precious metal pots, many paintings painted in natural colours and different statues. The main tourist attraction in the museum is the 'Mummy'. Here you can find information about how to preserve a Mummy. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing a mummy then the Albert Hall museum is worth it.
The Wandering Chubbies
Albert HallFinally, after checking out all the important structures within the wall and a quick lunch, we moved towards the Albert Hall museum – located just outside the walled part of the city. The stone for the construction of the building was laid by Albert Edward in 1876 and hence on completion in 1887, was named after him. Although initially, it was to serve the purpose of a Town Hall, it was converted to a museum to display the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Albert Hall displays a huge collection of paintings, tapestries, structures and statues of ivory, stone and metal, various other jewelry and other precious items. What was pretty interesting to see was that the museum housed various foreign collectibles – ranging from statues and sarcophagus from ancient Egypt to vases from ancient Greece and Rome along with numerous items from Turkey, Far East and Middle East. Check out the link to check the collection.
And the last and final stop was Albert Hall museum. This place is very special. This place got a connection with the name of Jaipur as The Pink city. Albert Hall museum is named after the spouse of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert of Coburg & Gotha. He laid the foundation of this place in 1876. In order to welcome him to the city, the Maharaja then painted the city in Pink. So the city is called Pink city as you can see all of the building in the city center are pink.