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Black River

Kristi Keller
First of all I have to say this tour is not at all overrated if you love the beauty of Jamaica. It may be slightly overrated if you want to see herds (or whatever they call a lot of crocodiles) frolicking in the water. I saw 3 or 4 in my hour long tour and that was satisfactory for me because I was completely taken by the excursion itself. The Black River crocodile tour was on my list of things to accomplish in my 5 days on the south coast. I knew where the river was but had no idea where to catch a boat so I drove into the town and pulled in where I saw a bunch of fishermen and asked. One man pointed to a small fishing boat with two tourists already inside and said I should go ask if I can join that boat, so I did! The couple in the boat didn’t mind at all that I hitched a ride with them. The funniest part of jumping in their boat was that they are also Canadian – from Manitoba. We’re practically neighbors back home. That was cool.