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The Exploring Eyes
 Wadi Rum -Aqaba – Red sea diving - Overnight @ Aqaba• To everyone who thinks Jordan is about history, desert and hiking, this is your answer.
Ragini Mehra
Take the 2-hour bus ride from Petra to Aqaba and reach the port city on Red Sea's Gulf of Aqaba.
Poshak Maheshwari
Day 4 started (again) with a tight schedule. After having a quick breakfast at our campsite, we set out for Aqaba (20 JD for the taxi), which was 30 minutes away. First thing we did was to reserve a seat in a bus to Amman (20 JD pp).The idea of coming down to Aqaba was to take a dip in the Read Sea, and after a lot of thought we ended up snorkeling. It was a lot of fun (as it was uninstructed) and a little painful (as I couldn't keep away for corals).We wrapped up quickly to make sure we don't miss the 4 pm bus and by night we had reached the last leg of our trip - Amman.
megha goyal
It is the city on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It borders Saudi Arabia on one side and Israel on the other. And if you take a boat ride in the sea 10 mins, into that one can easily see Egypt. It is famous for shopping and beaches. Temperature here in general is 5-7 degrees higher than Amman. It city has beautiful corals underneath its water one can enjoy Glass bottom ride, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.