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Wadi Rum Village

The Exploring Eyes
# Wadi Rum travel guideHuge sandstone cliffs, natural rock bridges, sand dunes, beautiful landscape, Wadi Rum is everything classic. This desert valley is the largest wadi in Jordan. Famous for the hospitality of the Bedouins of the wadi, Wadi Rum offers a unique experience. We stayed at a Bedouin camp, hiked through the sand dunes and enjoyed the sunrise and the sunset. It is advisable to take a three or four-hour jeep safari to explore the different architectures of this desert
Pratap Reddy
DAY 2 - WADI RUMAnd then drove to Wadi rum. If you like night camps, Star gazing and need "me time" especially then wadi rum is for you. Huge mountain landscapes everywhere and if the trip is in July and in no moon day then you can see the part of Milky Way directly not to mention about seven sisters, Orion belt and all. We can book a jeep tour from any camp site and enjoy the landscapes, trust me you will never find any place any where as similar as Wadi Rum. For a minute you will definitely feel like you are in Mars. Most of the Hollywood films that are related to Space, Mars were taken in Wadi Rum. From here Aqaba is very near (Red sea) you like snorkelling then Red Sea is must visit but due to time constraint we didn’t go but saw one of my friend pics I would say it's a must go desti
Ragini Mehra
Day 10, 11, 12:There’s nothing like spending a night or two at one of the desert camps in Wadi Rum. Choose between an uber-luxurious tent in the middle of the desert or lie down under the open skies, admiring the starlit night until you go off to sleep.
Wadi Rum (وادي رم) , Valley of the Moon - Lawrence's Home in Arabia
Khyati Maloo
Wadi Rum, Nature reserve is by far one of the greatest desert experiences I have ever had (Baring Jaisalmer, because Rajasthani for life *wink wink*). Described by Lawrence of Arabia as "Vast and echoing" Wadi Rum is an outstanding desert landscape. This remarkable landscape is a protected area, it covers over 700 sq. km. One can spend days and weeks exploring it. Wadi Rum is home to the Bedouins, a tribe known for their hospitality, craftsmanship and sweet tea. A lot of them earn their living via tourism in this area. My experience with them has been exquisite. A Large part of the desert is covered by red sand dunes, canyons, mountains and white sand. The fauna includes Syrian Wolf, Nubian Ibex and striped Hyena.