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Ki Monestary

Sourjya Das
This is undoubtedly the most beautiful monastery in the whole of Spiti Valley. This monastery had suffered a lot of damage in the past, both man-made and natural, but renovation and reconstruction has kept its charm going.Location - 12km from KazaThings to see - The walls exhibit paintings, murals and thangkas which are painted Tibetan banners, ancient manuscripts, stucco images, wind musical instruments and weaponsBest time to visit - June to July is the best time to visit this monastery as, first of all, it is the season-time and secondly, the Chaam dancers hold their festival and perform rare rituals where a large demon sculpture made of butter is burnt and monks walk over devotees as they lay themselves down.How to reach - A bus from Manali to Kaza and then a bus from Kaza to Ki Monastery which runs every day.
Sonia Verma
Ki Monastery is a famous Tibetan Monastery in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh and is located at an altitude of 4, 166 meters above sea level. This beautiful monastery is positioned on a picturesque hilltop and is very close to the Spiti River, It's hard to believe, but this spectacular monastery is at least a thousand year old and is the largest monastery in this valley. It was established in the 11th century and it still houses ancient Buddhist scrolls and paintings. A large number of Buddhist monks, nuns, and lamas live in this religious training centre to receive their religious education here.Staying there and being part of morning prayers and breakfast added another star to our journey.