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Baralacha Pass

This is a point in the Baralacha La Route just like many other milestones rather altutudes marked over here. This is a place which fills in you a magical sense of self- confidence and energy. It feels like if coming up this high can be enjoyable, then our life needs even more adventure like this. You will find trekkers and jeeps here on adventure trips. This place is also like a camping site for the ones who halt here before moving forward towards the evn more difficult points of Himachal Pradesh and then Ladakh. You can erect a tent and then sip on steaming coffee while you admire the beauty of the snow- capped surroundings and especially the white snow- covered mountain peaks.
इस रोमांचक और खूबसूरत सफर में आप बाराला चा पास (16042 फीट) और तंगलांग ला पास (17480फीट) और लाचूंग ला पास (16598 फीट) से गुजरेंगे। दुनिया के कुछ सबसे खतरनाक रास्तों, प्रकृति के सौंदर्य से लबरेज़ नजारों और कलकल बहती कई सारी पहाड़ी नदियों जैसे चेनाब, भागा आदि और उनकी वादियों का लुत्फ भी ले सकेंगे.
Perfect snow covered mountains near and far
Jay Kangad
Sharath Mathew
Zing Zing Bar (14,000 ft) to Sarchu Via Baralacha La (16,000 ft) - 50 kmMorning we woke up fairly early and there was a huge debate on where to start from as we had just received news that the Indian Army was working hard at clearing a route. After a general vote which was against the favor of the leader, we decided to cycle to Sarchu amidst the extra distance to Zing Zing bar that we had to catch up while fighting the bad climate looming overhead. Just as we had decided we saw the English guy cycling past our camp,(oh..i forgot to mention him, we had met this person yesterday and he was on this cycle expedition from Thailand to Ireland!!!), seeing him brought our hopes up. To Zing Zing bar it was a good gradual climb with slight drizzle and we had to pass through the landslide area very slowly as that portion of road was one big water body with a steady good current and huge boulders hanging loosely. Finally we reached Zing Zing bar and the next target was to cross Baralacha La pass which is also locally called as the 'moody pass' due to its unpredictable weather conditions. It was a 21 km steep climb with hairpin curves. The climate started deteriorating to a good rain and it was getting very cold and the climb with this sort of environment was taking a heavy toll on our bodies. There were times when we were advised to stop as the climate was at its worst and we were dripping wet and ice started forming on our gloves and clothes due to the sudden temperature dip as we started reaching the pass. Baralacha La was indeed turning out to be a nightmare!!!. Sum how I kept pushing myself amid a lot of my team mates stopping for the day.
Day-10 The Barchala-Pass :- The 10th Day with Back home Calling …Started Journey from Leh to Manali @ 9. Am with in mind to stay at Sarchu Border in Himachal Pradesh. The Road is silent and only rush of the wind which blows………..hmmmm..hmmmmm….It was perfect way to going again on the top of the world from where everybody starts journey, from up’s and down’s towards Pang. A Place before the border @ 4 Pm were there and Taken Tea with again started the journey towards Sarchu with same felling before we Reach Leh from Kargill. Same Valley’s around.Perfect…..Love to see the memories again. Late night @ 9 pm with a bit rain started we were @ Sarchu. Taken some rest with Dinner and was in mind to stay here as lot’s of Bikers and Others were staying there…but Only thing in mind after Relax was Adventure……. Just Started to Travel in Zero visibility….The Barachala Pass…………. The Barla-chala pass @ 16000 plus height gone through @ night with everybody says don't drive.... but 9.55 PM towards barla-chala pass with zero visibility with heavy snow plus rain -3 degrees’ temperature. with the help of segic map drive till 1.30 am .... afterword’s it's too much with zero visibility.... A perfect Adventure that night .... with 15 to 20 feets Glacier and a single near jispa about 01:30 am in morning we take a hotel-cum shop where we stay and rest .After full of driving from the morning.