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Chinese Fishing Net

megha jaswal
At the time of sunset, rush towards Vasco da Gama square if you want to see an incredible view of the sunset. You can also have a glimpse of Chinese Fishing nets, a place close by. This place also has a history of its own where in the Chinese Explorer/Trader bought these Fishing nets with them during 14th Century. This type of fishing is quite unusual in India and Kochi is the only place in India where you can find Chinese Fishing Nets.
Ishita Das Sarkar
• Chinese Fishing Nets: Having completed the entire city tour, I saved the best for the last. By the time, I was done visiting the places, the sun was about to go down and soft, cool breeze had started to flow, thus creating the perfect time to visit the beach. As the sun was going down, I could catch the much-awaited glimpse of the setting sun behind the Chinese fishing nets. Kochi is very famous for having these nets placed along the sea-shore that give a beautiful view of the ancient fishing practices.