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Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

Budget eatAt the risk of making generalisations, it’s to be said that Malayalis love their alcohol and it is only fair to indulge in some when in Kerala even if one isn’t a fan. Unlike what this love may have lead to anywhere else in the world, Kerala doesn’t have fancy breweries or chic bars to go to. This region takes pride in serving its local alcohol, Toddy in its old school rustic toddy shops (bars) with Mullapanthal Toddy Shop being on top of its game in the toddy world. There’s a simple seating area and an air conditioned room each with different prices. Besides serving the tastiest toddy in town, this place is a heaven for food connoisseurs: beef fry, pork fry, kappa (boiled tapioca), duck curry, kallumakai (mussels), rabbit, anchovies and the list goes on. We won’t judge you if you skip the alcohol entirely and just dig in to the food!Good to know: The shop is located a little off the main city and closes at sharp 8 pm. There’s a short walk from the parking area which may seem longer given the heavy belly we walk out with.