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Willingdon Island Boat Jetty

Krishnan T P
Me and my friend decided to go for a small walk along the island... the island was an nice and pleasant place fr evening walk..After that we returned to room at having dinner at a hotelThe next day I left fr Chennai...Nice and wonderful experience...Will update my next travel @ Nov first week
Prateek Dham
Whenever anyone talks about islands in India, all you can spontaneously think of are the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Or if you topped your class in the subject of geography, then you could pride yourself in answering Diu. But it's relatively unlikely that you would come up with a certain name called Willingdon Island unless you were schooled in Kochi. If you didn't know this already, Willingdon Island is the largest artificial manmade island in India.The Willingdon Island is located in Kochi and was majorly created out of the Lake of Kochi. The island is mostly populated by commercial centers like offices, hotels, trading centers, and also serves home to the Kochi Naval Base and the Port of Kochi. It is responsible for linking Kochi with the other seaports of the world. Today, the island handles millions of tonnes of freight every year.It was created in 1936 by filling in soil around a small natural island. It is named after The 1st Earl of Willingdon, the then British Viceroy of India; he was the one who commissioned the project of creating this island. Robert Bristow was the chief engineer of the project, and owned the very first property on the island. Now the entire island belongs collectively to the Cochin Port Trust and the Indian Navy.Following is all the relevant information you need if you plan to visit this unique place.How to Reach
This man-made island was created in 1933 by sand dredged while deepening the backwaters for the Cochin Port, under the direction of Sir Robert Bristow. From the boat jetty area of Willingdon Island we can see the two beautiful architectural wonders in marine drive. It’s a good spot for an evening outing. You have a small park as well for kids. After finishing all these areas. My next destination was cherrai beach and munambam beach. I took ferry from the Fortkochi to Vypeen. Started off from vypeen to cherrai beach. On the way took a halt at Kuzhipalli beach, it’s a nice beach to spend your evening with a small pine tree forest area close to sea shore. I reach cherrai beach spend some time there.