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Kodaikanal Lake

The main attraction of Kodaikanal is the Kodaikanal Lake. This is a very big and clean lake and the main activity enjoyed by everyone here is boating. You can also hire bicyles here since the rocky terrain is good for adventure bicycling. Also, the scenic beauty is worth admiring and this is also an apt place for photographers.
As this lake is situated in the middle of the main town so we decided to explore it at last just before leaving the town. We had to let go of our car and store our luggage in the office of our bus and then explore this lake. I wanted to hire a bicycle and take a cycling tour across the lake but my friends insisted on going on a paddle boat ride with them. Now paddle boating is something you can do on the basis of your wish. I personally have done paddle boating so many times that it sounds boring to me now....specially the four seater one. My friends still find it exciting. It is up to you if you want to do it or not. In case you do.... opt for a ride length of at least an hour as it takes quite some time to go round the lake.....and you need to pay fine if you return late from your designated time. Now you also have the option of renting a bicycle to ride around the lake.....you can try that also if you have time.
Christopher D'costa
We were standing there thinking of our past and the future realising that this present time is so important in life. We gazed at the sunset filled view of the lake where the reflection of the blue sky fell right into the water.
Saheli Bera
After an hour or so the afternoon rain stopped and I made my way towards Kodai Lake. This blissfulness, star shaped lake is peacefully nestled at the centre of the town. The calmness and allure of this lake can easily weather away all your stresses and anxieties.
Ayush Chandra
Day 4So this was my last day in Kodai, woke up as early as I could and I had already covered most of the places, hence I decided to move on a bit slow pace and enjoy the true essence of the place as if a localite from this place. Roamed around the whole day with my camera, documenting the life in this small town.Here are few things I did:
Mamtha Ramachandra
If time permits stop at Kodaikanal lake and go around. you can go for boating, cycling or simply shop around.