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Kodaikanal Lake

The main attraction of Kodaikanal is the Kodaikanal Lake. This is a very big and clean lake and the main activity enjoyed by everyone here is boating. You can also hire bicyles here since the rocky terrain is good for adventure bicycling. Also, the scenic beauty is worth admiring and this is also an apt place for photographers.
You can book the hotel with breakfast but again if you are a budget traveller then must try a fresh and hot at stalls near Kodaikanal lake they serve hot and fresh Idli Dosa Vada Parotta Pongal and Allo Poori so try going there around 7-9am and please do not miss the tea or coffee at hills coffee.LunchI don't prefer lunch because at this time we will be going for a trek or see some new place maybe have a heavy breakfast and carry some juice and snacks with you for the day.Dinner
11. Boating in Kodaikanal lakeI will not write about Kodaikanal Lake I think you go and feel it by yourself :)
1. Cycling or Horse Riding around Kodaikanal LakeDo it early morning before having the breakfast as it will be less crowdy and feel the breeze of the lake and the rays of sun one of the best experience i had in Kodai :)
Akshansh Singh
After getting all freshen up we started our exploration, and in Kodaikanal instead of being on wheels, one should use his/her feet and save the money and spend it on the best homemade chocolates you could ever have, all this is possible if one can walk for 7 to 8 kilometres. But trust me those paths are meant to be travelled on foot. So after leaving our hotel the first point was Kodai lake, with a walking path all around it and a boat club. What differentiates Kodai lake from other lakes was trees all around it and the clear water.
Vaibhav Kashyap
Receiving the mountain’s call
Aarush Tandon
The first spot Kodaikanal lake. It had beautiful meadows near it with trees in the hilly background mixed with mist that made it a thrilling experience.
We started our trip with Kodaikanal lake. It is a very beautifully maintained 4 point star shaped fresh water reservoir.
Sneha Gupta
Isha Borah
The serene lake! A place where you can sit for hours and dive into your thoughts..
Lakshmi Mandiga
So the usual thing to do would be boating, Mom and I choose to walk the circumference of the lake instead, tons of eucalyptus trees make the place smell heavenly, most trees have the scientific name and a bit of trivia written on them. We came across a Sai Baba temple too.
Sambit Roy
The view of the Kodaikanal lake from the lake road is really good. On one side is the lake and on the other side the shops sell lot of local stuff. We bought chocolates of various types. They were really tasty. The prices are set accordingly and pretty affordable. Also we had some snacks like bread omelette. Also the ginger tea was great. It was a walk of about 1 km. Boating was also available but we weren't interested so just let it be.
Jery Althaf
Calm and beautiful. Boating through the lake.