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Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge made from 705m long steel cantilevers, is something that catches the attention of old and young alike. It is one place that defines Kolkata in real terms. Though, the place is always polluted and is really crowded, the view of the place is worth the pain taken to reach there. It is one of the top notch architectural icons of Kolkata from World War II till date. For those who want to click this wonderful bridge, needs to do it from a ferry on River Ganga that passes from below it. The Howrah Bridge is also the connection between the city and the 1906 formed Howrah station.
Shreya Rathi
Because it had to end at some point, but this is just the starting!
Navneeth Venkatesh
crantiveler bridge
Debashree Roy
One of the most iconic landmarks of Kolkata, this cantilever bridge connects Kolkata to its twin city of Howrah.
Nancy Nance
Howrah Bridge is the famous symbol of Kolkata. Commissioned in 1943, it is a cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hooghly river in West Bengal. It is the sixth longest bridge of its type in the world. The bridge provides the views of the vibrant city.
Kushendra Tiwary
A marvelous piece of engineering and a carrier of heritage and legacy. If you miss this point, you miss an integral part of Kolkata.
Nilanjana Chatterjee
Howrah Bridge which is also known as "Rabindra Sethu" (Named after the Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore), is the global icon of Kolkata in the world. This is the first picture which comes to a person's mind or is viewed when a person or a specific portal talks about Kolkata. This bridge connects the capital city of Kolkata with Howrah. Stretched across the banks of the Ganges river (River Ganga), it is quite an admirable scene especially at night...
Dixit Motiwala
Finally we reached the iconic bridge! There we had a pause for Nimbu Pani as the heat was getting unbearable. I took a few pics but wasn't satisfied, the silver bridge was stunning and my pictures weren't doing it justice.
Akash Kapur
Being a big fan of movies like Barfi and Kahaani, this one has always fascinated me. Built on the banks of river Hoogly, the view of this bridge at night can leave anybody spellbound. What makes me even more proud is the fact that the bridge is made of Tata steel and hence is totally 'desi'. It weathers the storms of the Bay of Bengal region, carrying a daily traffic of approximately 100,000 vehicles and possibly more than 150,000 pedestrians. Way to go Tata steel!