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Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge made from 705m long steel cantilevers, is something that catches the attention of old and young alike. It is one place that defines Kolkata in real terms. Though, the place is always polluted and is really crowded, the view of the place is worth the pain taken to reach there. It is one of the top notch architectural icons of Kolkata from World War II till date. For those who want to click this wonderful bridge, needs to do it from a ferry on River Ganga that passes from below it. The Howrah Bridge is also the connection between the city and the 1906 formed Howrah station.
Ayushee Chaudhary
Neha Bhise Sadalge
Travel back in time to this "City of joy" called Kolkata
The suspension type balanced cantilever bridge, third longest of its type during its construction, still remains an engineering marvel. It's the symbol of Kolkata and forgetting uber,  a ride through this bridge in the typical yellow taxi of Kolkata gifts you an old world charm, exclusive to Calcutta.
Kshitiz Goliya
The market is a riot of colors, supplemented by an interesting crowd - especially for a photographer. That's the reason the place features on the Lonely Planet and attracts lot of camera equipped foreign tourists. Next to the market is a ghat which offers a panoramic view of the Howrah Bridge.